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LOWER AUTOMATION balance complexity and frenetic energy with engaging songwriting on “Ruiner” – watch new video here!

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Chicago’s noise / math rock / post hardcore trio LOWER AUTOMATION have almost sold out their acclaimed new self-titled album on Zagema Beach Records (USA / rest of the world) and today we’re celebrating their successful year with their final music video released in support of this super engaging release. The trio contributes their own modern take on the genre rather than trying to mimic greats of the past and that’s something it makes it really great to listen! It feels current and avoids sounding exhausting. Watch the new video above and grab your copy HERE.

Lower Automation” by Chicago’s experimental three-piece math/noise rock band LOWER AUTOMATION is everything we hoped it would be. 

Fusing the sassy off-kilter rock/punk/hardcore of At The Drive In with the dizzying instrumental arrays of Psyopus and Dillinger Escape Plan, the 10 tracks offer so much replay value you’ll be finding new gems until 2022. 

Asked about the video, the band commented: “Our friend, Paul Hill, approached us about shooting a video and we all decided to use this song. Paul is an amazing photographer and we thought his aesthetic fit the lyrics to Ruiner real well. He did a great job with barely any direction from us. The song sort of deals with decay and accepting your role/lack of control in it.”

This is easily Zegema Beach‘s most surprising/beautiful 12″s of 2021, a captivating cross between At The Drive In, Dillinger Escape Plan, Devo, and Hella that really hit a lot of listeners the right way. As mentioned, the entire run of vinyl and cassettes are almost sold out. Don’t miss out on it!

“The Chicago trio Lower Automation makes a frantic, unhinged form of punk rock… there’s a feverish, stir-crazy energy to the music.” Stereogum.com

“As a debut LP, I could hardly expect more from Lower Automation, and even a cursory run through the band’s back catalog confirms that Lower Automation are poised to become one of the premiere bands in the greater mathcore metropolitan area.” – Angrymetalguy.com

Lower Automation

“There are many reasons Chicago’s Lower Automation deserve praise. Definitely towards the top of that list is their building of a wheel in which Botch, Wire, DEVO, KEN Mode, Nation of Ulysses, At the Drive-in and the Dillinger Escape Plan comprise the spokes before it gets punctured by a spike strip built by The Locust.” – Decibelmagazine.com

Check out the full album playthrough HERE.

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