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LOWEST CREATURE resurfaces with ‘Witch Supreme,’ an ode to the darkness of Scandinavia

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Coming on the heels of their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Sacrilegious Pain,’ Swedish metal band Lowest Creature is set to unleash another auditory assault on listeners with their upcoming album, ‘Witch Supreme.’ Slated for release on October 27, 2023, via Isolation Records, the new album promises a darker and more grim sound—a macabre evolution of their unique brand of Swedish metal.

Witch Supreme‘ signifies a thematic pivot from their debut. While ‘Sacrilegious Pain’ was noted for its thrashy, neck-snapping intensity, the band’s sophomore offering delves into bleaker territories. The lyrics and music collectively conjure an atmosphere of foreboding, exploring a world tinged with sheer terror, darkness, and eerie landscapes.

“The dark and cold winters tearing through their axes like a knife to the bone, and the old Nordic mysteries portrayed in songs such as ‘Under The Night Sky’ and ‘Conjuring Demons,’ leave you in a state of petrification.”

Lowest Creature is not a band that’s content with mere studio exploits; they have carved their name on the touring circuit as well. Following the 2019 release of ‘Sacrilegious Pain,’ the band took their brand of thrash-infused hardcore metal across Europe and the UK, sharing stages with notable bands like Darkest Hour, Leeway, and Cro-Mags. Several physical releases of their debut album have already sold out, further solidifying their growing presence in the metal world.

The album was recorded at Ljudkross Studio in Umeå, Sweden, where sound master Erik Lindberg collaborated closely with Lowest Creature to take their sound to an unprecedented level. Mastered yet again by Joel Grind from Toxic Holocaust in Oregon, USA, ‘Witch Supreme’ has been described as a “metal masterclass” that has finally unified the band’s sound.

Lowest Creature

The band hails from Örebro, Sweden, and their ethos can be summed up as “Thrashy Hardcore based in the flat land of Närke—Rust, Steel, and Filth.” Given the bone-chilling anticipation surrounding their new album, it’s evident that Lowest Creature is set to eclipse even their own monumental debut.

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