MAGNITUDE by Joe Calixto
MAGNITUDE by Joe Calixto
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Hardcore band MAGNITUDE premieres “Of Days Renewed…” – new album out now on Triple B Records!

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Emerging from North Carolina, the straight-edge outfit Magnitude is back in the spotlight with their sophomore album, ‘Of Days Renewed…’, out today via Triple B Records.

When Magnitude began the creative process for ‘Of Days Renewed…,’ the members were clear about one thing: they would stay true to their roots while daring to venture into new sonic territories. The result is a record with a ’90s metallic hardcore feel—filled with crunchy, groove-driven riffs and anthemic vocals.

“Composing the album was a collaborative effort, with the band self-producing and recording between studios and houses.”

The album was mixed and mastered by John Howard at Warhouse Recordings in Gainesville, FL, adding a polished touch to an already refined set of tracks.

Magnitude by Joe Calixto
Magnitude by Joe Calixto

It’s not just the music that stands out in ‘Of Days Renewed…’; the lyrical content is equally compelling. From confronting personal fears to advocating for animal rights and environmentalism, the album delves into several complex issues. The band takes a hard look at the mental toll of the Information Age while urging listeners to channel aggressive energy into positivity.

“The words themselves address everything from confronting your fears to staying true to yourself, animal rights and environmentalism, and the mental toll of the Information Age.”

Magnitude—comprising Russell Bussey on vocals, Connor McAuliffe on drums, Matt Kalbaugh and Anthony Burke on guitars, and Alex Cejas on bass—already displayed a mastery over hardcore with their 2019 album, ‘To Whatever Fateful End.’ That project was praised for its meticulous craftsmanship and for offering listeners a rare glimpse into the ’90s and early ’00s hardcore scene.

With ‘Of Days Renewed…,’ Magnitude faces the challenge of following up their lauded debut while also making strides in their musical journey. The album doesn’t merely replicate their previous work but expands upon it, capturing the essence of what makes Magnitude a standout act in the hardcore scene. The project comes with the promise that the band is set to accelerate with renewed vigor and purpose.

“The entirety of the album stands with the band’s mission of channeling aggressive energy into positivity and one that expands from energy-packed live shows to everyday lives.”

If the early reviews are anything to go by, ‘Of Days Renewed…’ is not just a successful follow-up but also a significant step forward, confirming that Magnitude are indeed one of the premier straight-edge hardcore bands today.

In an era where authenticity often takes a backseat, Magnitude serves as a powerful reminder of the potent combination of hard-hitting music and meaningful messages.

Catch MAGNITUDE live at:

10/1 – Brooklyn, NY Triple B Showcase @ Brooklyn Monarch

w/ Mourning

10/2 – Hamden, CT @ The Space Ballroom (Front Room)
10/3 – Buffalo, NY @ Area 54
10/4 – Detroit, MI @ Edgemen Printing
10/5 – Chicago, IL @ Cobra Lounge
10/6 – Louisville, KY @ Spinelli’s
10/7 – Atlanta, GA @ Eyedrum
10/8 – Pensacola, FL @ The Handlebar
10/9 – Tampa, FL @ Born Free
10/10 – Pompano Beach, FL @ Black Flamingo
10/11 – Jacksonville, FL @ Island Tropics

10/28 – Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church w/ Unbroken + Blacklisted + Indecision

1/7 – Tampa, FL @ FYA Fest

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