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Magnificent post rock act COMMISSURE premiere new tracks

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Celebrating the 8th year of their existence, San Francisco post rock act COMMISSURE are back with a new, masterful, emotionally rich record. The band has recently joined the ranks of California label Conditions Records (HIDES, NO LIMBS, SUPER UNISON) and will be releasing their new EP titled ‘Sketchbooks + Road Maps’ both digitally and on cassette on June 3rd. Clocking in at 12 minutes, these two new songs are a beautiful example of the evolution of the band over the years and a proof that they are fully capable of conjuring great amazement. Pre-order a physical copy here and taste a sneak peek below.

Photo by Stefan Aronsen.

Commissure started as a solo project in 2006 in San Francisco, and turned into a full band by the end of 2008. The two track “Sketchbooks + Road Maps” will be the first EP released following two full-lengths. These songs are named after an amphibian with feelings and a personal friend who showed us some valuable recipes during hard times. Also, it’s our first time having trumpets & keys. We’ll be touring the West Coast in support of this release as well as playing various shows throughout California through the end of the year.

Listen to the previous releases from COMMISSURE below:

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