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MAKE ‘EM DROP interviewed by Some Will Never Know Zine

Some Will Never Know Zine conducted an interview with Tilburg hardcore band MAKE ‘EM DROP.

You’re a Tilburg Hardcore band. Are there more new hardcore bands springing up in Tilburg? How would you say the hc scene in Tilburg and the southern part of the Netherlands is right now? Is it on the rise again, is it easy to get to play shows? And what were your favorite local shows so far?

We’re actually one of the few active hardcore bands in Tilburg right now, but we get a lot of support from friends and other hardcore enthusiasts. We think the hc scene in the southern part of Holland is on a rise, and it’s not that hard to get a show. We do have a booker called ‘Support Your Locals’ who arranges most of our shows. My favorite show in Tilburg was probably Hang the Bastard in Little Devil recently and Parkway Drive at the NSD tour 2 years ago.

Read the whole thing here.

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