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Manchester raw hardcore band GOING OFF streaming new tracks

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Manchester’s hardcore scene just got hit with a fresh wave of fury, courtesy of the lads in GOING OFF. They’ve dropped a pair of blistering tracks that are ripping through the underground. The new cuts, ‘Servant To The Skin’ and ‘Smile,’ are building some serious buzz, coming off hot on the heels of their double whammy releases in the last couple of months and their ripper of a debut album earlier this year.

‘Servant To The Skin’ isn’t just a song – it’s a full-blown horror show packed into a few minutes of sheer intensity. Vocalist Jake Huxley’s got a fascination with the gnarly side of horror flicks, and it shows. “Hellraiser is one of my favourite horror movies and I think I channelled a lot of that energy when writing this song,” he says. It’s a dive headfirst into the grim reality that we’re just minds trapped in meat suits. Jake’s not shying away from the dark stuff – he’s facing it head-on in this track.

Then there’s ‘Smile,’ which, with a name like that, you might not expect to be as hardcore as it is. But this is GOING OFF we’re talking about – they don’t do half measures. This track’s keeping the adrenaline high and the mosh pits swirling.

These tunes are a testament to GOING OFF’s grind – showing they’re not just ticking boxes in the hardcore playbook.

They’re tearing out the pages and writing new ones. For fans and new listeners alike, these tracks are a must-blast. Crank it up and let GOING OFF show you what Manchester’s hardcore scene is all about.

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