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Japanese raw punks NEGATIVE SUN share debut demo

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Emerging from the heart of Tokyo, the ferocious sound of Negative Sun has been unleashed in their abrasive debut demo cassette. The demo, distributed by Gerpfast Records, showcases a sonic maelstrom that melds the unbridled fury of grindcore and powerviolence with the relentless energy of hardcore punk. The band, known for its unapologetic critiques, vociferously condemns Japan’s strict police state, political turmoil, and pervasive societal discontent through their music.

Negative Sun has packed the demo with three blistering tracks, including an incendiary cover of Lightning Bolt’s “Dracula Mountain.” The content of the demo is a raw outpouring of the city’s youthful rage, a reflection of the ongoing turbulence that fuels each generation’s discontent.

The DIY spirit is alive and potent in the making of Demo ’23.

Band members Takagi Pugnus Emura and Sei Mizusawa took the helm in the recording process, with DMK, also a member of Tear Da Club Up, contributing to the drums, and Takaki of Belmadigula on bass. The demo’s artwork, a provocative x-ray image of a crucifix nailed statue by Chifu, visually encapsulates the demo’s unrefined vigor and confrontational themes.

Demo ’23 will be available for the first time on a smoke-brown cassette starting this November, with pre-orders opening on November 6, 2023. Fans eager to get a taste of the chaos can anticipate its release on December 30, 2023. Listeners worldwide can also preorder and sample the demo via Gerpfast Records’ Bandcamp, where the full digital version is already making waves. For a more visceral experience, the band’s performance videos offer a glimpse into the raw, live energy that Negative Sun channels on stage.

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