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Man’s Search for Meaning – Budapest hardcore crew GEAR premiere new EP; listen!

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Budapest’s thriving and diverse live music scene have always been one of the most passionate destinations for DIY music and hardcore punk enthusiasts. “In the past year, the hardcore scene of Hungary really did well for itself. There were a lot of great shows, some cool fanzines, and also, lots of new hardcore records.” – say our today’s guests from hardcore band GEAR, and they couldn’t be more right. Today, we’re celebrating their work with a special premiere of their new EP “Man’s Search for Meaning”, a follow up to 2018’s debut “GEAR”. Recorded at Grenma Studio in Budapest, mixed and mastered by Mátyás Botlik, and slated for a physical release this fall via 9LIES Records, the record can be checked out in its entirety below!

Comments the band: “We named the record after the novel of Viktor E. Frankl, who was an austrian psychologist and a survivor of the holocaust. The book is about finding new ways towards a promising future, even after the horror and unimaginable pain of the death camps. These five songs are about both negative and positive influences in our everyday life, questions about existence and mankind. The concept of the method that Frankl made is accepting the unchangeable, the pain and the joy of life, and choosing to make life into a meaningful and everchanging time. We thought that our lyrics and this concept fits perfectly, so we decided to give the 7” the title “Man’s Search for Meaning” as well.”

“The record was a long term process for us. We had some changes in the lineup, a great amount of practicing sessions, and we spent a lot of time and effort to make the record.” – they continue. “During the time of the recording sessions, the COVID19 pandemic blowed up in Europe, so we decided to finish the works after the strict quarantine period that we had in Hungary. We were able to finish the recording and the afterworks, and we are hoping, that everything will be fine in the future. We will try to make as many shows as we can and hopefully see everyone who reads this article. Get in touch with us, listen to hardcore punk and stay safe until then!”

Gear cover

Check out our friends Touch, Contra and Exterminating Angel for some killer records, and also check out Reaction fanzine. The scene and hardcore is alive and well.

We asked the band to share their inspirations for  Man’s Search for Meaning, and they were so kind to give us a great 27-track, multi-style playlist to get it covered. Check it out below and save it for further listening pleasure.

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