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MARKSMAN are back with another new track!

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Sludgy post hardcore band MARKSMAN has just unveiled a stream of the second track from their upcoming debut full length album “Awaken”, to be released on September 17th, 2014. “Bohemian Groove” is escalating from a slow post metal buildup to finally burst and paint the picture with more vibrant and diffusing closure. These guys are more than worth a listen. 

Check out the new track and the exclusive commentary from the band right here.

After we’ve recorded the “Awaken” LP we gave ourselves a little time and space from rehearsals and band. Autumn is the time when we plan to set off with tour around our country. Hopefully we’ll be able to play some shows abroad but not everything lays in our hands. Current plan is to increase the number of shows and it seems like we’re on the best way to achieve that aim.

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