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MASKED INTRUDER – “Beyond a Shadow of Doubt” video

Notorious pop-punk band MASKED INTRUDER have released a brand new video for “Beyond A Shadow Of Doubt”. The track is found on the band’s upcoming EP “Love And Other Crimes”, that’s due out on July 8th via Pure Noise Records. Fans can pre-order the record now.

“This video depicts a robbery, which you shouldn’t try at home. Mostly cause that wouldn’t make any sense… If you’re gonna try robbery, make sure you do it at someone else’s home. That’s really the first thing about robbery. Also, this video has a lot of references and nods and stuff like that. So, if you’re a nerd, you should like it. So, I guess if you’re a nerd who likes robbery, you should be pretty stoked. Also, the song is cool. It’s about a girl”. Blue Intruder

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