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VIDEO STORE – “Coleridge” video premiere

2 months after the release of their outstanding debut EP on White Russian Records, Rotterdam old school indie punk rock band VIDEO STORE is back with nostalgic music video for their emotional track ”Coleridge” that will take you straight back to the 90s. Watch below.

VIDEO STORE features members of FACE TOMORROW, MODERN LIFE IS WAR, RAZOR CRUSADE, MALKOVICH, GOLD, KILL TRAITORS, SEPIROTH, BACKFIRE, WINTERDAGEN, HALFWAY STATION, and JOSHUA WOODS! Their debut record was released on tape on May 21st through White Russian Records.

The band commented on the video:

 ‘We worked up the idea for this video kind of on the spot. It still took us two whole takes to shoot. When Danitsja, the actress, pulled out that walkman it took me back a little to simpler times. I guess there’s a metaphore in there somewhere, though I wouldn’t know what for. Both the song and the video are a pretty obvious nod to one of our favorite bands. I always love bands that point you in the direction of their favorite bands, so this is our way of doing that. We’re not really doing anything over the summer because our singer just became a father for the second time, but we’re gonna play out a bunch starting september I think. Really excited about playing these songs live. Aart and me always wanted to play stuff like this but always got caught up in other things. Glad it’s finally happening.’

VIDEO STORE cassette


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