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Massachusetts Oi! hardcore band BRIX’N MORTAR premiere debut album “Something Ain’t Right”

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From the culturally rich streets of Massachusetts comes a formidable trio drawing from the lifeblood of hardcore, Oi!, and punk rock. Brix’n Mortar, featuring members from the iconic Razors in the Night, is set to unleash their debut album, ‘Something Ain’t Right‘, on July 21 via WTF Records.

Since its inception in 2018, Brix’n Mortar has been blazing a trail of musical audacity. Stemming from their extensive background in the vibrant Massachusetts music landscape, each member brings unique influence and prowess. Vocalist and bassist Troy Schoeller led Boston’s acclaimed brick-wall Oi! band Razors in the Night, while guitarist Joey Osborne was a founding member of punk band Chanticlear. Drummer Devon Hunt holds his roots in death metal, being a founding member of Sexcrement.

Following their 2019 debut EP ‘Poison Words,’ Brix’n Mortar is now ready to deliver their inaugural full-length studio offering. A step forward in their musical journey, ‘Something Ain’t Right’ is a rich tapestry of emotion, aggression, and melody spread across 10 unapologetically raw tracks.

Brix’n Mortar delve into a multitude of compelling themes throughout the album. From introspective reflections on the social nature of humanity, personal struggles, and a call for unity and resilience, to the aggressive expression of the band’s inherent fight against negativity. Tracks like the lead single, “People Like You,” stand as testament to the band’s ability to weave intense narratives, with this song being a gripping murder ballad.

The latter half of the album is particularly poignant, paying tribute to lost friends and voicing frustration with contemporary politics. Not forgetting to end on a high note, the album’s final track is a spirited cover of the ’80s hit “Don’t Change” by INXS.


Accompanying the album is an intricate cover art designed by Juan Jose Saldarriaga, best known for his works on horror movies such as ‘The Return of the Living Dead’, ‘Killer Klowns from Outer Space’, ‘Hocus Pocus’, ‘Fright Night’, and ‘Deathdrop Gorgeous.’

Track-by-Track breakdown, by Troy Schoeller (vocalist and bassist):

BRIX N MORTAR by @evilrobbphotos
BRIX N MORTAR by @evilrobbphotos

#01. Hail the Wolf: This song is about the wolf pack as a reflection of human social nature, how we take & give strength as creatures of the night.

#02. This One’s for Us! – This song promotes unity and the uplifting power of pride & working together when times are hard.

#03. No Place! – This song is about owning our place and keeping hate and negativity out.

#04. People Like You – This song is a straight-up Murder Ballad.

#05. Poison Words – This song is about how it doesn’t matter how much the world takes from you, they can never steal your heart.

#06. Something Ain’t Right – This song is about all the demons in your life, be it physical or mental, and realizing you have a problem.

#07. With or Without You – This song is a battle cry to fight, & fight, & never stop moving forward to achieve your goals — no matter how much shit is put in your way.

#08. Angels – This song is about all the friends we’ve loved, who have unfortunately passed away from drugs & suicide.

#09. Till My Heart Stops – This song discusses how sick & tired we are of politics.

#10. Don’t Change – We are covering our favorite 80’s song by INXS.

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