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Math rockers BABY LABOUR drop new mind-bending record “Full Legal Stop”

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3,5 years after their intriguing split record with BADMINTON RACQUET, Ontario based BABY LABOUR are back to our pages with a whole new set of twisted, mathy, experimental instrumental tunes, dubbed “Full Legal Stop”! The record serves a great follow-up for their 2015 full length “Aruban Sandwich”, delivers some kinky thrills, and is available for the first listen below!

Paying homage to the legacy of unbiased avant-garde, jazz, experimental and math rock, BABY LABOUR have upgraded their complexity with a unique blend of flavors by engaging mathematical timings, changes of pace, better precision, and more exuberant approach to songwriting that made their hooks feel more organic and the whole record more diverse and quite adventurous. Much ground is covered here, and even though many comparisons that come to mind, ranging from straight up math rock to progressive experiments, BABY LABOUR have produced something that is very much their own. Listen below and check out their track by track rundown below.

We asked the band to drop us a couple of lines about each and every track, and here’s what we’ve got:

No: It’s just a sample from Robocop.

420: 1/3 of the band like to smoke weed. 420 has more to do with the form of the song then getting high.

P Sea Punk: This song was written because Troy told me to write a song with some “zip” to it. so we crammed some zip together with a real sketchy King Crimson ripoff nonsense riff and some improvising.

Rakes P.1: This song is basically a vehicle to put flanger on a bunch of shit.

Lob: This is an intro to a song called Lobsters. My friend Micah is the star of this track.

Sters: This is the song Lobsters. My friend Jason is the star of this track

Can I Brum A Smoke: This song features me playing my guitar with a Lady Remmington.

Rakes P.2: I got to play a really expensive guitar pedal on this track. Also it’s a real short one.

Poor Skinny: Thanks to Zazen Boys, Zach Hill, and this vid for the samples…

Ernest Goes To College: Troy has a ripper guitar solo in this one. The metric modulation thing at the end is kind of interesting i think. Hope you enjoyed it!

BABY LABOUR band photo

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