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Mathy post hardcore band ’68 announce new album “Yes, and…” – listen to “Removed Their Hooks”

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MiPrepare your ears for a sonic assault: The revered Atlanta-based rock ‘n’ roll duo ‘68 is returning with their 4th full-length album, “Yes, and...,” set to drop on September 29th via Pure Noise Records. Following their critically acclaimed 2021 album “Give One Take One,” this new offering promises to be their heaviest to date. If you’ve been itching for more of ’68’s signature blend of raw intensity and intricate musicality, your wait is almost over.

'68 Photo Credit Bobby Bates
’68 Photo Credit Bobby Bates

The band’s vocalist and guitarist, Josh Scogin, speaks about the album with fervor: “This is by far the heaviest album ’68 has ever done. It wasn’t on purpose; it just sort of evolved into what it is. As soon as we could see the full gravitas of the album, we just leaned into it. Many of the bluesy tracks didn’t find a home, and some of the parts that were on the fence, we doused with gasoline.” The album marks a significant evolution for the band, whose music already transcends genre boundaries.

Already, fans can get a taste of what’s to come with the first single and video, “Removed Their Hooks,” available now. The captivating story behind the single involves Scogin making a sandwich, believe it or not. Inspired by a distant news broadcast spewing the usual fear and negativity, Scogin found the first lines of the song unfolding in his head. “By the time I was done cutting the avocado, I was humming a version of the riff,” he shares. The song came together in that kitchen, slice by slice, ingredient by ingredient—a true representation of the band’s organic creative process.

The album is already available for pre-order. Here’s what you can look forward to in the tracklist:

With Distance Between
The Captains Sat
Removed Their Hooks
Removed Their Hats
“Let’s Be Friends”
“End This War”
They All Agreed
Then Got Bored
Within The Hour, They Were No More

The brainchild of the indefatigable Josh Scogin and his percussive partner Nikko Yamada, ’68 was born out of Scogin’s long history in the hardcore scene and his desire to forge something new. Known for a riotous live presence and an unyielding creative energy, the duo has a discography that reads like a confessional diary set to a backdrop of explosive sound.

The fourth album is produced by Nick Raskulinecz, who has previously worked with industry giants like Foo Fighters and Rush. It seems only appropriate that an album that promises so much sonic weight would be guided by a producer of such heavy-hitting credentials.

This year marks a decade since ’68 emerged on the scene. From supporting acts like Bring Me The Horizon, Korn, and Stone Sour to headlining their shows worldwide, ’68 has proven they can shake any stage—be it a tiny club or a giant festival. And after a decade, they’re just getting started. As Scogin puts it, “When I think about ’68, it feels like I’m still figuring it out. In fact, I’m just getting started.”

Don’t miss “Yes, and…” when it releases on September 29th.

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