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MATRIARCHS team up with Billy Graziadei from Biohazard for new single and wicked animated video “Everything I Love Dies”

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Los Angeles-based metallic hardcore band, Matriarchs, have teamed up with none other than Biohazard’s Billy Graziadei for their latest single and wicked animated video, “Everything I Love Dies.” The band, formed in 2012, draws inspiration from beatdown and 90s New York metallic hardcore, resulting in a sound that is both heavy and aggressive.

Comprising Ben Levi (Cutthroat), drummer Alfred Santa Cruz, bassist Miguel Vasquez, and guitarist Marty Cole (Hoods/Arcline), the quartet had collaborated on several other projects before joining forces to form Matriarchs. After their first show, which was a roaring success, the boys never looked back, forging ahead with their unique brand of hardcore metal. With Graziadei on board, the band’s latest release promises to be a tour de force, showcasing their musical prowess and leaving fans craving more.

An ambitious release produced by Nick Jett of Terror and Mastered by Matt Hyde (Lionheart, Hatebreed, Deftones) Scandalous Jointz fuses together the visual aesthetic and presentation of more thought provoking heavy acts with the sonic ferocity and energy of hardcore.


In 2018 Matriarchs parted ways with vocalist Richard Barthel. After teaming up with Jeremy Valentyne and Brandon Wolfe to produce their new release, adding veteran Carlos Pagan to the line up on guitar, David Rubenhold on bass, and meeting new Vocalist K Enagonio during the Pandemic, the band found the new fire it needed. In K the band finds its truest voice.

Over the quarantine they wrote their 2nd full length Year of The Rat. 2022 saw the band touring the United States and Europe as well as adding 2nd guitarist Joe Kenney (See Through You/First Blood) and self-releasing an EP “The Shape Of Cunts To Come” adding melodic and industrial elements to their music. The band is set to take their proper place on the throne of modern metalcore.

MATRIARCHS are: K Enagonio – Vocals, Ben Levi – Drums, David Rubenhold – Bass, Joe Kenney – Guitar, Carlos Pagan – Guitar

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