Melancholic emo act RESERVOIR discuss “Cicurina”

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Every email message from Glory Kid, which is always overflowing with interesting news and passion, instantly brightens up my day and helps to reveal even more great artists worth your time. Today we’re teaming up to give you a short interview with Pennsylvania’s emo punks RESERVOIR (est. 2011), who have just released an amazing record called “Cicurina” and wrapped up their supporting tour with label mates WHERE MY BONES REST EASY. Their 4-track EP has a classic emo sound, yet it still comes across as refreshing and new. Giving you literally no moments of let down or boring and striking you with a numerous melancholic anthems, “Cicurina” will definitely stand the test of time. What a fantastic way to start a year!

Hey there! How are you, man? How did you hear about IDIOTEQ?

I’m well, thanks! I think I first heard of idioteq when reading an interview with another band, though I can’t remember who. I’ve visited the site a few times and am excited about this interview!

Cool. Me too, Justin! This year was quite fruitful for you guys, huh? A one-song contribution to the Chumpire compilation “Seems Like There’s a Show Every Night”, four-way split with your local pals, and a new LP! How passionate, hard-working and dedicated band are you guys? :)

Yeah it’s been a busy year, that comp came out in February, and we just got the vinyl in for the four way split and twelve inch ep, it’s really exciting. We try to keep busy, I think recording is my favorite part of being in a band.

Am I getting the right impression that you’re diving more and more into the post rockfish and sentimental stylings? Is this song fairly representative of the rest of the new effort?

Yeah, I’d say so. I feel as if that slightly atmospheric post-rock thing is an influence that has gently creeped into some of our stuff before, like in the end of “Sleeping Away The Storm” from our last lp or even as recently as “Crawling Space” from the new four way split we put out. I would say that the rest of the Cicurina songs are similar to “Waves Erase” in mood, yeah. We try to take a slight step forward with every new release, and as long as it’s cohesive within itself I personally consider it a success, even if it doesn’t necessarily sound like the rest of our discography. This ep to me sounds like the most fully realized thing we’ve done to date.

Are there some conventions or rules within these genres that you want to challenge?

I don’t think we ever set out to break rules or defy convention, necessarily. It sounds cliche but we primarily focus on making music that we like, and writing parts that we think are interesting or engaging or something we would want to listen to.

Ps: if you want to send two or three questions at a time that’s cool, we’re on tour and I get some van time every day. Thanks!

The new album is scheduled for release on January 7th, 2015 via Glory Kid. How did you team up with this label and what’s different in this cooperation compared to your last year’s collaboration with Broken World Media, Dead Flowers Records, and Major Bear Records?

We’ve known Andrew and Glory Kid in a very casual way for a little while now. A handful of friend’s bands had released things on the label, and we’d sent him nearly every release we’ve recorded, but the timing was never right. When we sent him Cicurina the timing finally lined up and we agreed to work together. Glory Kid has been wildly supportive and on point, and we work together well. I wouldn’t say it’s different, and were thankful for every label who has ever been gracious enough to release our music.

Why Cicurina and how does it relate to the lyrics of the album?

We took a really long time deciding on the name, since this is going to be a series and we wanted the name to endure and be something we wouldn’t get sick of. That said, I like the vague nature of Cicurina and hesitate to explain it too much. I think it ties into the lyrical themes that Josh and I touch on, like loss, isolation, and uncertainty.

Do you think songs and lyrics are better if you write them while you’re experiencing the stuff you’re writing about? Or is it better to wait a bit until you get some proper perspective?

I can’t speak for Josh, but I personally kinda do both. I jot down idea and lines while experiencing something and then use my late predictive to edit and focus a set of words so that they make sense and carry what I was trying to convey.


When can we expect to listen to the second part? Are you already working on any new music right now?

We’re always working on new music, we’re currently writing for a full length. Cicurina is an ongoing series, ideally used to bridge the gap between larger releases and be a home to weirder ideas or concepts.

You’re hitting the road with WHERE MY BONES REST EASY in support of this new record. Who are these dudes and what places are you looking forward to seeing on this tour?

WMBRE is a band also on Glory Kid, and the drummer is Andrew of Glory Kid, so it’s cool to have all of us on the road together. This whole tour is full of friends, so I’m super excited about all the dates.

Ok guys. I guess that’s about it. Thanks so much for your time! Do you have any resolutions, plans, or goals for this year?

Thank you for doing this! Always resolve to drink more coffee. Hoping to release as much music as we can. Thanks again, be well!

Thanks a lot! Have a great coffee experience and take care! :)

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