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Norwegian punk/black-metal hybrid HAUST release new track!

The Norwegian black metal/punk hybrid known as HAUST will rear its filthy sonic maw again this spring. Bodies, the fourth LP from the Oslo based group has been announced for a March 10th release via Fysisk Format Records (Arabrot, Kollwitz). The release will coincide with a SXSW appearance as well as a string of U.S. dates to be announced shortly.

More than a work of pure aggression, Bodies offers Haust’s most complex and varied work to date. The chainsaw guitars, untethered fury and grimly screeched vocals are still very much in place. However songs are now augmented by unexpected strains of psychedelia, noise rock and avant-melodicism throughout.

Renewed in direction and members, this release features the addition of guitar wonder Trond Mjřen (Haraball, Ulver). It also boasts a guest appearance from Henning Wisth of Okkultokrati as well as contributions from Milton Von Krogh, (front-man of scuzz-rock unit, Pirate Love and producer for the likes of Ĺrabrot and Okkultokrati).

Fysisk Format has also launched a pre-order for a special limited vinyl version of the LP. A limited run of fifty copies of Bodies will include an exclusive wood-carved print of TV static, meticulously carved by Haust drummer and artist, Řystein Wyller Odden. Each print will be numbered and signed by Odden as well.

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