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Melodic hardcore punk rockers THE LAST MILE share new video for “Malfeasance”: a vivid homage to the working class

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From the vibrant hub of Montreal’s music scene, The Last Mile has unveiled their latest visual spectacle, a video for “Malfeasance“. This track is plucked from their recent split LP with Pezz, a collaboration that found its roots in a friendship spanning over a quarter of a century between Chris of The Last Mile and the members of Pezz.

This anticipated collaborative effort was finally actualized and graced the public on September 15th, courtesy of Rad Girlfriend Records.

In a narrative that resonates with many, the song “Malfeasance” delves deep into the societal challenges presented by figures of authority and their actions.

The band reflects, “The term ‘malfeasance‘ captures intentional wrongful or unlawful conduct, especially exhibited by public officials or employees. A palpable exasperation envelopes many as they witness the unchecked actions of politicians, officers of the law, jurists, and a multitude of others. More often than not, these actions are tailored to fit the narratives of the influential and the affluent.”

They continue passionately, voicing their concern about society’s tendency to revere such figures, “Worldwide, as a collective, we need to seek that common ground that doesn’t elevate a select few but empowers all. Revere them not for their positions but challenge them for the tremendous power and influence they wield. We envision a world that’s not just better but is the best for every one of its inhabitants.”

The Last Mile

The video for “Malfeasance” stands as a poignant testament to the everyday worker, an homage to the struggles they face.

It portrays an ordinary individual, clocking in for their nocturnal shift, only to find The Last Mile playing in their usual workspace.

As the narrative unfolds, the band becomes a tangible embodiment of the worker’s internal turbulence – feelings of stagnation and the relentless grind of daily life. This worker grapples with these thoughts, trying to escape them, only to realize that these feelings aren’t solitary. The awakening moment arrives as the blindfold is removed, revealing the shared discontent.

The video culminates with a pressing urgency to instigate change, echoing the belief that society is gradually shifting its perception and challenging those in power.

Directed by the adept Lucas Harrison Rupnik and spotlighting François Laplante-Beaudette, the entire visual journey unfolds at Diz industries, providing an authentic Montreal backdrop.

Wrapping up with a future note for fans, come the end of November, The Last Mile is gearing up to tread European grounds once again, making amends for their previously cancelled tour in June brought about by personal challenges.

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