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Experimental indie post hardcore act WIMS debuts “57 Seconds” – a portal to the new album “CAN’T LOSE”

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Nestled in the vibrant hum of Jersey City, the experimental duo known as WIMS is crafting a realm of sound that’s both electrifying and poetic. With their fingers firmly on the pulse of grandiose punk, they weave threads of witty absurdity and existential musings into a tapestry of intense energy, eclectic influences, and tumultuous emotion. From emo’s dynamic shifts to classic rock’s magnetic hooks, and scrappy indie rock’s raw edge, pinning down their unique signature is like trying to capture lightning in a bottle.

Today, WIMS pulls back the curtain, revealing their new albumCAN’T LOSE“. Fourteen tracks, each an audible behemoth, straddle the realms of immense emotion and sonic grandeur. Josh Evensen, with his myriad of talents, ranging from vocals to keys, joins forces with drummer and vocalist Matt Olsson to paint a vivid tapestry of staggering falls and precarious triumphs.

The apex of their release is the cinematic marvel, “57 Seconds“. It is not just a song, but a tale; where the terror of a kidnapping pivots into a theatrical display so potent that it transcends reality. Charlie Kevin, portraying the enigmatic captor, becomes so entranced by the performance that he is consumed in a celestial luminance, either being raptured to heavens or perhaps obliterated by the sheer might of the melody.

Beginning like an ethereal opera and crescendoing into an emotional maelstrom, “57 Seconds” encapsulates a part of the essence of “CAN’T LOSE” – it’s a world where diminutive emotions expand into colossal sentiments, and vast feelings compact into minute moments.

WIMS by Kelsey Ayres
WIMS by Kelsey Ayres

The journey of WIMS through “CAN’T LOSE” oscillates between euphoric peaks and abyssal valleys. Tracks like “ultimategoodnight” and “past the brakelights” introduce listeners to the vast spectrum of emotions explored. Yet, despite the apocalyptic undertones and looming shadows of despair, there exists a ghostly lament, a silent mourning that is almost evanescent. This sense of fleeting existence, of jubilant impermanence, is echoed in Evensen’s rapid production of this new oeuvre, just a year after the 2019 release “Never Unhappy“.

Beneath the symphonies and rhythms, the true heartbeat of WIMS is the unbreakable bond between Evensen and Olsson. Their shared laughter, vision, and innate sense of playfulness infuse every track, every note of “CAN’T LOSE“. Olsson’s acumen and Evensen’s passion combined in sessions of meticulous creation at North End Studios, resulting in a masterwork imbued with fervor and gravity, yet underscored by a yearning for joy and merriment.

WIMS by Kelsey Ayres
WIMS by Kelsey Ayres

For those ensnared by the magnetic pull of WIMS, limited edition vinyl and cassette preorders for “CAN’T LOSE” are now available. For the aficionados seeking the extraordinary, a special release double cassette or vinyl boasts an exclusive variant mix of the album, curated for the ones who embrace the glorious chaos of life.

WIMS by Kelsey Ayres
WIMS by Kelsey Ayres

Today, as “57 Seconds” plays, and as “CAN’T LOSE” resonates through speakers, WIMS is not just sharing music, but an experience – raw, real, and resoundingly poignant.

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