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Mentalcore crew RUGGED returns with new EP – hear new single now!

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Almost a year since their special feature of top metallic hardcore bands that helped them lift the pandemic blues, Sofia, Bulgaria based self proclaimed “mentalcore” hardcore band RUGGED are back to our pages with their brand new single called “Crematory Fumes”.

The new gritty track comes from the band’s new EP and it explores the rough reality of living past the verge of war.


Driven by their instincts , Rugged are back with a new release which is exactly what you can expect from a Bulgarian heavy hardcore quintet – jagged sound, drenched in misanthropy and rage.


After an active year behind them, playing many local shows and a few on the road, and several improvements in the lineup, the release is a natural step of improvement in their progression that should satisfy hardcore lifers and die hard metal heads alike.



Our fierce power hunger devours all in sight
Innocent hope trampled by boots and tank tracks

Dystopain nightmares unravel before our eyes
Civilization’s paralysed and everyday we let it slide

Behold the flaming furnace
Emitting the smog of futures lost
Gaze into the days ahead
A legacy of land and flesh up in smoke

Futures lost, our legacy up in smoke

Rugged Hardcore

Recon by fire, twisted game of chance
Pawns get a bullet to the head
Technocracy’s many faces of death
Flood the streets with dread

Our fierce power hunger devours all in sight
Innocent hope trampled by boots and tank tracks

Wanton malice has always reigned supreme
World peace appears to be a silly fucking dream
The weak and poor suffer inexplicably
In a cycle of perpetual agony

Suffocate on the crematory fumes
Generation after generation all but doomed


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