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Metal / hardcore blender THE SLIME teasing new explosive EP; share other Toronto area bands worth a check

Toronto based crossover metal/hardcore band THE SLIME have been around since last year and they are just beginning to hit their stride. Their new EP “Coming Soon to an Alley Near You” is slated for December 11th release and marks the band’s ruthless culmination of their work so far, pushing their tempos to an almost unreasonable pace and becoming a tighter, more focused unit in the process. Showing a style that’s all their own, their newest work is the perfect merger of crossover hardcore, punk and thrash metal sounds, becoming a corrosive brew that sees the wild vocals bleed into the riffs and sick ass fast drumming, making an all-consuming racket that almost never lets up. For fans of Negative Approach, Poison Idea, Career Suicide and Anti-Cimex.

“We come from pretty diverse backgrounds musically.” – explains the band. “There is a bit of everything in there – old hard core punk, noise rock, old school death metal and grind core, war metal, rockabilly, blues, etc. Guess we fall somewhere in between there with old hard core and thrash metal dominating what we do. Fast and varied with a bit of melody.”

Recalling their early 2020 release “Bitter Dream“, they say that “it was a mixed bag, from faster tunes like Mutant Generation to more plodding tracks like Russian Roulette. It does capture a pretty extended time period as we played some of those tracks with different lineups for a few good years.”

THE SLIME has gone through a number of lineup changes over the years and this is definitely the strongest lineup yet. “Working with Scott Middleton (Cancer Bats) and Nick Ginn (Hellbent) at School House Studio was a great learning experience for us” – they continue. “Two great dudes who really know their stuff and who saw the big picture of what we were after.”

the SLime band

The new EP has a bit of everything on it – a slightly more lighthearted title track, an almost tribal feel of Circling and a couple shorter more in your face blasts too like Acid Leak and Flesh and Blood.

Asked about the recording process, THE SLIME have unveiled that they “recorded ten tracks in eight hours.”.

“Most of it came right off the floor – drums, one rhythm guitar and bass.” – they continue. “Second guitar and vocals came after. We wanted to record as much as possible live off the floor to get a natural feel, even if it’s not perfect. Clicks and triggers aren’t for us…”

“Scott and Nick helped capture some of our energy, but a couple of the tracks didn’t make the cut – we feel like we are still learning and we can do better.”

The Slime band

With two new releases under their belt in 2020, THE SLIME will actually be looking to record again in the New Year.

“A couple throwaways from the ‘Alley…’ session, possibly something older we could dust off, plus whatever else we create between now and then. So far, it looks like the new release will be faster and more dynamic that what we have done so far.” – they announce. “To be honest, I wouldn’t say that we have a specific course charted going forward. We will just keep on having fun and play as many shows as possible when things settle down.”

the SLime band

Here are a few recommended bands from the Toronto area – people THE SLIME played with and whom they like:










Metal / hardcore blender THE SLIME teasing new explosive EP; share other Toronto area bands worth a check
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