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Metalcore heavy hitters VIOLENT ANSWER strike hard with new single “Viper”!

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Almost two years after their ear-shattering debut single “No One To Follow“, Polish modern metalcore beast VIOLENT ANSWER is back with a brand new single and a proper teaser for their upcoming debut EP! Mixed & Mastered by Lance Prenc, and spiced up with an artwork by Marcin Werner, “Viper” comes as a wild, multi-layered beast that marks just another firm step to solidify VIOLENT ANSWER’s place on the map of breakthrough heavy ‘nu metalcore’ in Europe.

Violent Answer is Marcin Werner, Filip Szuba, Karol Gemborowski, Maksym Kulej & Artur Bręczewski.

Lyrics written by Marcin Werner & Maksym Kulej.

Devoted to satisfaction
you lead to nothing, but tragic fraction

Acted, like if no one asked
Losing your clarity within seconds led you towards polarity
Your tongue is useless when your mouth can’t speak the truth
You’re full of shit, your actions stands as proff

With another line you could have made poison
Take another chance, I’ll wait while you’re chokin’
In venom you are soaking, but you were never conscious

What an actual insolence
to call yourself a friend while being covered with the scales
I’d say you broke your moral spine, but how’s that for the snake that you are

Teared out those fangs, no chance for wound
On and on relentless
Eye for an eye
You thick-skinned serpent, I ripped your molt
Degraded what’s precious
Strong have survived

VIOLENT ANSWER by Sylwester Mikołajczak
VIOLENT ANSWER by Stanisław Mikołajczak

Cold blood spilled and dried
I don’t really care, cause for me you already died
Took the matches
Burned the house down slowly
Spreaded poison as the flames engulfed felonies
Consequences are explanatory
Circumstances deviated through innate anatomy

Snake bite

Treason, reptile’s vote
All your layers have been shown
You are not two-faced anymore

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