Last penance by kalopsiaonfilm
Last penance by kalopsiaonfilm

Metalcore / metallic hardcore bands LAST PENANCE & PALE PATH hit the road in September

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One year since their mid-pandemic tour last year, Polish metal/hardcore bands LAST PENANCE & PALE PATH are teaming up again for a trio of shows in Wrocล‚aw, Bielsko-Biaล‚a, and Krakรณw. We took this chance to sit down with the band, get a quick update about their project, discuss the return of live events, and get some other bands inspirations and recommendations in the process.

LAST PENANCE‘s self-titled debut LP dropped in September last year, while PALE PATH‘s first studio offering “Primal” made it to the map of European djent infused metalcore one year earlier.

Tour poster by SNDNBCK

How do you recall your 2020 tour with PALE PATH? What did you learn and what would you have done differently?

The last tour with Pale Path was a good lesson in live shows. Even though we have all separately played live, it was the first time we actually played full time shows as Last Penance. It took us exactly that tour to get tuned to each other, so even though we still have a lot to perfect, We became quite confident on the stage.

We also learned that Pale Path are great partners in crime, hence this tour.

How do you asses live shows amidst the pandemic? What’s your experience, both from attendee and live band perspective?

The Covid times are peculiar. On one hand, all the big bands are cancelling shows, so it looks like it is a chance for smaller, local bands to attract audience. On the other hand, people are still hesitant about mass live gatherings, so some shows are rather small. From the perspective of audience we can only look how almost every show we were looking forward to see is getting postponed. Letโ€™s hope 2022 does not end up like 2021, which feels like a waiting room for 2022.

Ok, so what are your plans for the coming momnths?

We still have a couple shows booked for this year. After shows with Pale Path, we have 3 shows with Dom Zล‚y, a home gig with Violent Answer and a 2 more unannounced shows. Between them we are working on a new album โ€“ I believe we are more than half way there as far as composing goes.

Awesome! Can you share some more Polish bands worth our attention?

Sure! Be sure to give these guys a listen: Violent Answer , Six Steps Forward, Pale Path, Skov

How about international releases this year? What caught your attention the most?

Gojira โ€“ Fortitude โ€“ Gojira has managed to make metal sound fresh. Fortitude is a very smoothly layered album, it is easy to get lost in it. The musicianship on this album is astounding , without showing off.

Turnstile โ€“ Glow on โ€“ What can we say, Turnstile did again. Eclectic catchy hardcore mixed with everything, full of youthful energy โ€“ it is a good as it gets.

Quicksand – Distant Populations – A band that has consistently released great music since late 80’s. It is a great album from a band that has influenced many bands that have influenced us.

Tribulation โ€“ Where gloom becomes sound โ€“ I have been listening to this album on repeat for a month when it dropped. The guitar work is spectacular, the vibe just perfect. It is like Ghost if they were a serious band.

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