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HOMEWRECKER – “Perpetrators Of Annihilation” video

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Ohio hardcore/metal band HOMEWRECKER (interviewed for IDIOTEQ last year) have debuted a new music video for their track ‘Perpetrators Of Annihilation’, teasing their new 4-way split with GATECREEPER, OUTER HEAVEN, and SCORCHED, due soon through Melotov Records.

The label commented

What started out as a joke on Instagram materialized into a monster of a collaboration. All four bands will be contributing new unreleased tracks to the record, which will be pressed on exclusive colorways and available online in early fall 2015.

Although all four bands share the blanket term of “aggressive” music, each one contributes distinct characteristics that are unique to their interpretation of what constitutes heavy. HOMEWRECKER (A389) delivers a no-holds-barred metallic hardcore that is tinged with all the “violent” aspects of powerviolence.  And acting as a pallet cleanser to that fast-paced grittiness is OUTER HEAVEN (Melotov), whose self-described “funeral doom” will give you time to pack another bowl during their sludgey pummeling assault prior to you flipping to the B side.

GATECREEPER (Protagonist) strikes a perfect balance between the previous two with their riff-laden death metal and kick-in-the-teeth, whiplash grooves.  The newcomer to the mix is SCORCHED, who features members of Homewrecker. Don’t let these greenhorns fool you though because like all things with horns, they are an evil and formidable force to be reckoned with. It wouldn’t be too bold to say that Scorched could be the modern-day Slayer.

The fluidity of their similarities and the intricacies of their differences coalesce into the perfect storm, making for the darkest and heaviest vinyl release of 2015.

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