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Metallized hardcore brawlers PLAYER HATER premiere debut EP!

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Knowing the work of the greats is important, but nothing is as inspiring as discovering the work of a younger generation that is finding ways to tell their stories in an inspiring way that engages and makes you stop and think. Quality, content fueled hardcore punk record are all about just that. Changing personal perception of topics ranging from personal struggles, politics, human rights to social inequalities and environmental problems. New Jersey’s powerhouse PLAYER HATER are all about that and we’re thrilled to give you the first listen of their punchy, uncompromising demo, fetauring 4 rippers that will make it onto your playlist with a bang! Get inspired by the passion these guys have for putting out raging tunes with a purpose, and use it as inspiration to start a band!

The band’s guitarist Christopher Bacchus commented on the concept of the record:

This demo encapsulates one of the darkest periods of my life. It was a time of seclusion and guilt which led to an overwhelming sense of disillusion. I basically cut everyone off and locked myself away in my mind. I’m mostly pretty reserved when it comes to speaking about how I’m feeling. However, these tracks gave me an open forum to discuss my feelings. It was relieving to convey how I actually felt and it gave me an idea of what I need to fix; in order, to achieve a sense of peace.

The demo addresses two very distinct topics. “Downfall” and “Nowhere” focus on feelings of worthlessness. These tracks document what it feels like to be mentally stuck. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re going nowhere. It’s a physical, mental and spiritual strain. It’s a very heavy topic especially in this day in age when everyone is out there flaunting their every move on the internet. The worst thing you can do is compare your life to someone else’s, it will make you feel like you’re not doing enough. In reality, insecurity drives people to flaunt their lifestyles. Nothing is as good as it seems and you should never let others dictate your path.

The other two tracks, “Dystopia” and “Reckoning” focus on political influences on society. “Dystopia” addresses how each political party claims they know what’s best for the country. However, all they do is push a one-sided narrative. How can you really grow a well-rounded nation through a one-sided agenda? You can really witness the ignorance when you speak to most diehard Democrats and most diehard Republicans. If they opened their eyes, they would realize all they are doing is dividing the country. On the other hand, “Reckoning” focuses on how the American government constantly undermines its citizens. We are being lied to, every chance they get. This country has done a lot for my family, but there’s a reason why most countries hate us. America isn’t innocent, we have a lot of blood on our hands thanks to some of our leaders and politicians.

Karol Kamiński

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