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Mike Portnoy talks about his legacy with DREAM THEATER

The Nervous Breakdown recently sat down for an interview with DREAM THEATER‘s former drummer Mike Portnoy, who talks about his legacy with the band which he left in 2010.

Portnoy states:

Dream Theater will always be the thing I’m most known for. It was twenty-five years of my life and it was something that I poured my heart and soul, blood sweat and tears into. I literally ate, breathed and shat Dream Theater twenty-four/seven for twenty-five years, so regardless of where they go in their career and regardless of where I go in my career, I will always and forever be linked to Dream Theater and that’s fine with me — I’m proud of every song I wrote in that band, every album I recorded in that band, and every show I played with that band. So I have no problem with the fact that I will forever be known as “Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater.” That’s something that will never change. That’s always how it’s gonna be and I’m proud of that. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Here’s Mike:

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