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MINDSEDGE – “Shades” video premiere

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Góra Kalwaria based Polish progressive post rock/metal act MINDSEDGE are back in our pages with a batch of exciting new sounds, heralding a solid progress to be displayed on their second full length called “Shades”. Following previously unleashed tracks “Unmeisen” and “Sunrise”, the band further enchant with the title track “Shades”, featuring guest vocals from Małgorzata Pawłowska and piano theme written by jazz guitarist Piotr Grudziński. “Shades” has some divine moments and it seems to foreshadows a gratifying record. Listen below and stay tuned for a full LP stream later this year.

The band commented:

Shades is actually a cover (or a complete re-tooling) of a song written by our drummer for his old Grunge band. We decided to leave some of the rough verse-chorus-verse structure intact, and focus on experimenting with the sound instead. The instruments were down-tuned to 432hz, and made as soft and unimposing as possible. There’s also something you won’t hear often in our music – an actual vocal track! Shades is really the effect of us taking a step back, and making ourselves look at music-making from a different perspective.

You can still find the original somewhere on the interwebs.

Mindsedge (pronounced and meaning Mind’s Edge) was formed in November of 2006 by Bartek Baran and Lukasz Sałański along with Daniel Baran under the name In Vain (see number 6 in bio). Agata Korczak joined about half a year later after Mindsedge’s former drummer left. A few months of playing together and looking for a vocalist they realized that their music is good and interesting enough to play instrumentally. Currently the band is concentrating on writing new material. They’ve recorded their first demo “The Price of Separation in the studio in October 2008. In October 2009 Agata left and was replaced by Michał Bąk. Their debut album θ was released on January 8 2012 and contained 11 songs which were a collection of pieces the band had written throughout the years. The album is available to download for free on their bandcamp site. At the beginning of 2014 Łukasz left the band. Since then the band has continued its journey as a three-piece and seen success on Polish stages.
Mindsedge’s music can be described as instrumental alternative rock blended with heavy, fast, even metal riffs interlaced with much slower melodic and melancholic parts and solos. The band does not hide the fact of being influenced by modern neo-progressive bands, however they try to stay original.

Here’s the full edit of the track:

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