MORO – “entrüstet” [EP] (2015)


Influenced by current events, discussions with dear friends and a lot of articles / books / lyrics, i was developing a great interest in the topics sexism, feminism and rape culture over the past few years. I’m enraged and shocked by the daily amount of sexism, sexual harassment and rape. Unfortunately, rape culture is even noticeable in the emancipated hc/punk-scene. People who are victims of sexual offenses – be it from within the scene or from outsiders – have the same problems talking about it as people from outside this scene because they are afraid and ashamed. That’s why i have decided to dedicate this ep to the issues of rape culture.

I’m fully aware of the fact, that you would not necessarily expect four white cis*-men to play songs, dealing with this kind of topic. We discussed that, within in the band and with dear friends, quite often. The intention of the ep is to start discussions about those issues and to create awareness. We can’t feel, what you feel, we`ve never been victims of sexist discrimination, but we think it is very important to talk about these things. It is important to everyone of us.

Thank you for reading the lyrics and thinking about them. Hopefully they can contribute to being more respectful with each other and allow us to deal with such issues together. Like we wrote, we never experienced rape culture on our own, and those lyrics are just the attempt to get a discussion going. Please come back at us if you have comments, questions or if we in any form offend you or anyone with our lyrics. We tried to take care and consider every sentence, but perhaps that was not enough.

The title of the ep is the German word ‘entrüstet’, meaning enraged, because when I read certain articles, it is often the only word that can capture my feelings – and still it seems that even this word is not ‘strong enough’. The titles of the songs are the names of four mountains to illustrate that the chosen emphases are only the peak of an even bigger and more important issue we must work on together.

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