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ADRIENNE reveals three new tracks, revives the raw metalcore echoes of the ’90s

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As the summer heats up, the heavy music landscape is graced with the arrival of ‘Summer’s Beginning‘, a 3-track EP by Adrienne, a promising metalcore act hailing from Massachusetts. Drawing from the visceral energy of the ’90s metallic hardcore scene, Adrienne skillfully navigates a space that is both nostalgic and forward-thinking, an echo from the past, reverberating into the now.

Produced by Greg Thomas and finely crafted at Silver Bullet Studios, the EP masterfully melds chunky, hardcore rhythms with atmospheric and melodic influences. A well-curated palette of sounds that takes its inspiration from the likes of Harvest, Skycamefalling, Zao, and This Day Forward. Bill Henderson of Azimuth Mastering ensures that these diverse influences coalesce into a solid, impactful sound, while the artwork by Hayden Daughtry provides a visual representation of the music’s raw energy.

Adrienne showcases an understanding of their genre that extends beyond mere replication of their predecessors.


Their deep influences from bands such as Focused, Abnegation, Unbroken, and Dead Blue Sky speak volumes of their musical literacy, and their past experiences in Divided Life provide them with a unique lens through which they view their craft.

The EP is out today on the DAZE label and Connecticut label Ephyra, marking a significant milestone in Adrienne’s burgeoning career.

While it is undeniably a nostalgic homage to the bands of the ’90s, Adrienne also takes a forward-thinking approach, striving to redefine the genre for a new generation.

Adrienne’s ‘Summer’s Beginning’ is a testament to the enduring spirit of metalcore, and a reminder of the raw power and emotion that this genre is capable of conveying.

It takes us back while simultaneously hinting at where the genre might be heading, embodying the band’s commitment to their roots and their readiness to evolve.

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