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“My Dog” – MIdwest Emo band ROOKIE PARK premiere new song

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If you’ve been scouring the catacombs of the Midwest emo scene for authentic, resonant gems, look no further. We’re delighted to offer an exclusive premiere of Rookie Park‘s upcoming single, “My Dog,” slated for an official release tomorrow. Despite its solitary production process, the single seamlessly evokes a collective sense of nostalgia and heartfelt melancholy.

“Going through the motions of the post break-up day to day, the song is a bittersweet take on the reminiscing of a relationship. One where a pet played a major role in the partnership. The dog in question is Bella, who’s been by my side the last 13 years and has unknowingly become the mascot for our band and a bit of an icon in our local diy/emo scene!” — Joey Martinez

The song “My Dog” captures the textured emotional landscape that unfolds in the aftermath of a relationship, its resonance buoyed by the bond between a man and his dog, Bella, who incidentally graces the cover art of the single. There’s a sort of unfiltered honesty in placing such a personal relationship at the center of a song, which is part of what makes Rookie Park’s approach to music so compelling.

The artistry of Rookie Park stands on the shoulders of a symbiotic relationship that started as four strangers gravitating towards each other in a local DIY/emo scene.

Joey Martinez, the band’s catalyst, first crossed paths with Jake back in 2018 at various local shows where Jake was performing, and Joey was the man behind the lens. However, it wasn’t until the autumn of 2021, post-pandemic, that fate conspired to place Joey, Jake, Peyton, and Will in the same room during a performance by Drunk Uncle—Jake, Peyton, and Will’s former band. United by their shared musical tastes and a commitment to bolstering their local scene, the seeds for Rookie Park were sown.

“Jake and I met first back in 2018– we’d see each other at several shows where he was performing and I was out taking pictures… As we began to get to know each other, it became clear that we shared the same passions for music and supporting our local scene.” — Joey Martinez

Prior to this serendipitous meeting, Joey had been honing his skills through the lens, capturing the ethos of emo shows and touring bands alike. The pandemic gave him the impetus to deepen his musical knowledge, igniting inspiration from bands like Modern Baseball, Origami Angel, and Slaughter Beach, Dog, among others.

When summer rolled around, Joey presented some demos to his new companions, including tracks destined for their forthcoming EP. It was this ensemble—more of a community than a mere band—that provided the encouragement to bring his solo efforts into the collective fold. Rookie Park embodies a fusion of pop punk and emo, and they’ve collectively fine-tuned their songs to prep a 5-track EP, which will follow their debut single “friendship pt. 2.

In addition to the single, Rookie Park has their eyes set on a full-length album to culminate by year’s end. While their upcoming single “My Dog” explores the complex topography of emotional reminiscence, it also subtly underscores the band’s cornerstone: community. This sentiment isn’t just ingrained in their lyrics or melodies but is woven into the fabric of the band itself. In an era when music often risks descending into vanity projects, Rookie Park is a collective endeavor. It’s a gathering of souls that delivers not just music but shared emotional experiences.

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