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MY OCTOPUS MIND echoes personal struggle to embrace true self in “Moving Slow”

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Encased within the vibrant cityscape of Bristol, a compelling resonance has begun to echo, marking the return of My Octopus Mind. The experimental rock quartet, known for their audacious performances and innovative soundscapes, is once again poised on the precipice of a musical revelation with their upcoming single ‘Moving Slow‘, scheduled to hit the sound waves on June 23rd, 2023. Today, however, we’re pleased to give you its early listen, along with the music video premiere above.

Sometimes, songs are birthed from years of laborious creation, while others simply materialize out of the ether. ‘Moving Slow‘ falls into the latter category. As if the air inside their rehearsal space, an atmospheric 1920s theatre, became thick with inspiration, the initial drum and bass groove took root, simmering with raw rhythm.

This magnetic groove prompted vocalist and guitarist Liam O’Connell to leap onto the stage and unfurl his interpretation of a sassy diva vocal, injecting the jam session with an unexpected vitality.

My Octopus Mind

While the guitar line followed suit in this spontaneous, organic creation, the jam concluded in a mere four minutes, as though the notes had told their story and the demo was born, fully formed and untamed. Under the meticulous guidance of Jake Bright at Giant Wafer Studios, ‘Moving Slow‘ found its studio footing without losing its original flair.

My Octopus Mind

Yet, beneath its intoxicating rhythm and engaging melodies, ‘Moving Slow‘ houses a deeper, more introspective narrative. According to the band, the lyrics grapple with O’Connell’s personal struggle to embrace his true self. It’s about the longing for the courage to step into the light as his ideal version: A version unafraid of donning a dress without the fear of unwanted attention; a version who can stifle the self-doubt and feel comfortable in his own skin.

Accompanying the single is a provocative music video, a visual exploration that embodies the song’s essence in a daringly tangible way. In the words of the band, the conception of the video began with O’Connell’s whimsical notion of wearing a dress and reclining in a stream. This led videographer Francis Beaumier to envision a dramatic plotline involving kidnapping, a chase through the woods, and a final stand for the audacity of expressing one’s sexuality. Collaborating with Alison Campbell and her crew, they transformed this vision into a captivating film narrative.

My Octopus Mind

The process, though intense, proved to be a transformative experience for O’Connell. Despite dealing with challenges such as chaffing and thigh burn from dancing and running in heels, the shoot bolstered his confidence instead of deterring him from his expressive journey. In the end, it was not just a music video shoot, but an exploration of the psyche, demonstrating yet again how art can act as a vessel for understanding the complexities of the self.

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