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Mysterious screamo act OUR FUTURE IS AN ABSOLUTE SHADOW premiere new video for “Vanessequestrian”

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OUR FUTURE IS AN ABSOLUTE SHADOW, known for their short, yet intense, chaotic, and emotionally charged epics, is making waves again. Today, we are honored to premiere their latest short offering, condensed into a mere 1 minute and 33 seconds of raw, unbridled emotion.

OUR FUTURE IS AN ABSOLUTE SHADOW, a collective forged from the depths of the U.S. and Canada screamo scene, has members and ex-members from a constellation of bands such as Old Soul, Cloud Rat, Quietus, Majorel, In Wolves Clothing, Altar Of Complaints, Dawn, Apostles Of Eris, The World That Summer, Mrtex, and Swallows Nest.

The band’s upcoming release, “OUR FUTURE IS AN ABSOLUTE SHADOW ‘LP‘,” is a culmination of almost four years of artistic endeavor.

“Their debut album really lays out what makes them tick musically – it’s like a raw, unfiltered look into how they cook up their version of the post hardcore sounds. The drums, crafted by Adrian Lee Manges (who made this music video), set the foundation, passed to Jesse Mowery for the addition of guitar and bass, then onto Dave Norman for the hauntingly powerful vocals. The process is further enriched by contributions from friends, including Jaccob and Ophelia from Burial Etiquette, as well as Arvid from Vi Som Älskade Varandra Så Mycket, one of our most impressive discoveries is post rockish screamo ever.

This latest track is a visceral experience, a maelstrom of sound that grips the listener, transcending mere auditory stimulation to reach the soul. In a fleeting 93 seconds, the band manages to encapsulate a spectrum of emotions, from the heights of ecstasy to the depths of despair.

“”Vanessequestrian” attempts to answer a question as old as old as time itself, did Dave and Vanessa really see a break in the space-time continuum whilst on tour in Europe in 2019? Probably. Ask Jaccob and Taylor from Burial Etiquette, they screamed on this jam.” – comments the band.

With a pressing of just 100 copies on black vinyl, complete with an insert, this 12″LP is a collector’s item, a piece of screamo history. Set for a full release on January 15th, 2024, at 9 AM PST / 11 AM CST / 12 PM EST, this album is not just for fans of State Faults, June Paik, Terry Green, Apostles Of Eris, and Battle Of Wolf 359, but for anyone who’s ever found solace in the chaotic beauty of screamo.

Stay tuned for the full release and check out their previous releases below. Also, if you’re hungry, be sure to dive into our mega playlist on Spotify!

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