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NADA Y NADA evokes visions of symmetry and speaks of deep delirium and tiredness with new video for the song “Vice Versa”

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Troy, NY based NADA Y NADA released their album “Repeat” last year, the band’s debut self-release and today we’re pleased to give you their new music video, directed by James Arrant. The video brings to life his vision of a fever dream running through four parallel lives. Silently looming over it all, is a grim reaper-like figure who haunts the shadows. It ties together beautifully with the song. Check it out to see for yourself.

“I wrote this song maybe about ten years ago. I had an excruciating muscle spasm in my back and, out of desperation to get rid of it, downed half a bottle of whiskey along with what was an already unsafe dose of ibuprofen without alcohol mixed in.” – comments the band’s songwriter and vocalist.


“I made my way to the couch and turned on the TV to watch whatever was on. I remember it being Ghostbusters. I stayed on the couch until everything in the room was spinning and my stomach began hurting more than my back. I escaped to the quiet space of the bathroom and tried to make the spinning stop. While I was there I tore out a page out of a magazine and reached for a tube of mascara to scrawl out the lyrics to a song that just seemed to be there in my head and urgently needed to get out. Later I sat down and figured out the rest.”

Speaking about the new video, he continues: “This video’s director, James Arrant, didn’t know any of that when he pitched the concept for a music video of a fever dream with clowns, goths, an old lady, and death. But I feel these things make for a similar brand of delirium to Ghostbusters and irresponsible home remedies for back pain. I want people to enjoy this video but equally as important; if you happen to see me in the street, please do not spoil Ghostbusters for me, because I still have not gotten around to giving it a proper viewing.”

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