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NAIVE SENSE – “Scratch The Mirror” video

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Minneapolis trans-fronted hardcore band NAIVE SENSE have debuted a music video for their song “Scratch The Mirror”. Watch below and scroll down to listen to their impressive debut album “Art Failures”, as well as the rest of their brief releases, below.

The band’s vocalist Natalie issued the following statement to speak out against sexism in music:

Hey, everyone. Natalie here.

I would appreciate it if you all took the time to read this.

CW sexual assault

I’m a little hesitant to post this in such a public forum. But I need to say something for my own well being and the safty of other femmes within the music scene.

Last night Naive Sense played at the Triple Rock for the In Defense 10 Year Anniversary/Ben Crew’s last show as their vocalist. It was a great opportunity to play with a show where a lot of good friends would be in attendance both on and off stage. That show is going to be borderline legendary.

During the In Defense set, other vocalists and myself were invited to join Ben and the rest of the guys during a few songs to perform vocal duties. There were multiple points where I staged dived off of Ben’s back.

I fucking love stage diving, moshing, and simply letting out pent up aggression at shows like this one. To me, punk has always been my escape. It’s been a place for me to let out my rage and make it through the next few days without losing my shit.

I am completely aware that such acts come at their own risks. Injury and awkward moments happen when everyone is pressed against each other and bodies are flying through the air. I’ve had more than my fair share of moments when I would fly out of the pit only to be caught and someone’s hand accidentally brush against my breast. I really don’t care.

Unfortunately, there are those at shows who take these moments to prey on women and femmes. I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen someone stage dive and some bro next to me would say to his buddy “I totally got to grab her {ass, chest, genitals}!”

Without being too graphic, during my last stage dive an individual grabbed me in a way that was obviously intentional, invasive, and sexual in nature. How do I know that it was all of that? Trust me. If someone grabbed you in that way, you would know too.

This is not the first time this has happened to me and I doubt it will be the last.

This is fucking unacceptable.

This was sexual assault. Whether you agree with that or not, I don’t fucking care. An individual violated me in a way that was anonymous and they will get away with it.

I know too many women who have experienced this and far worse in the music scene. When we discuss safe spaces, we are not saying “This is a no fun zone.” We are demanding that boundaries are respected and that we are able to enjoy ourselves without the fear of violence.

So why am I hesitant to post this? I fucking don’t want to deal with comments such as “You’re just looking for attention” “Youre just causing drama.” “Get over it. It wasn’t that bad.” “It was probably just an accident and you’re exaggerating.”

But I need to talk about this.

I need people to know that this shit is happening and being noticed.

You’re unacceptable behavior is fucking done.

If I see this shit happen, someone will receive a boot to the kneecap and I ask that others follow suit.

This shit has to stop.

Check out a full interview for an episode of Anxious and Angry by Ryan Young from OFF WITH THEIR HEADS:

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