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NASTY share the graphic video for the title track to MENACE LP

Gnarly, metallic hardcore outfit NASTY have shared the graphic novel-like video for the title track to their upcoming album MENACE, out September 25 via Century Media Records.

“The boys on rampage to Manga optics,” the band says.

NASTY previously shared the video for “666AM,” which Loudwire noted for its absurd awesomeness. Watch it HERE.

The Menace album cover pictured below — designed by well-known artist Michael Shantz (Bring Me The Horizon, Your Demise, Drop Dead Clothing and many more) and already completed in early 2020 — turned out to be strangely fitting for these times. The band comments, “Our only guideline was capturing the insanity of the world including all kinds of nowadays’ additions. We gave him free rein and this is what he came up with.”

NASTY cover

Menace captures NASTY 100% in the here and now: Fucked up music for a fucked up world.

With their tireless work ethic and positive attitude, NASTY has become an international force, playing everywhere from Europe, USA, and Russia to Brazil, Japan, China, and Korea. They also joined in countless well-known festivals such as Wacken Open Air, Hellfest, Graspop Metal Meeting, With Full Force, Resurrection Fest, and many more.

Nasty, by Matt Ojeda

Nasty, by Matt Ojeda

Menace lyrics:

We are all fucked! Hurt but you can’t relate. Live gets drained closing stone cold chains! Drill through headz! Get those meds! You want to turn it off but you can‘t escape!
Actions enforce consequences! Impressions turn to horror trips! Wonder why your wounds only stronger bleed. Your expectations just shattered kid!

Reaching out for help but your hand‘s just stuck!
When Life gets artificial but you can‘t keep up!

I am! You are a
They are! We are a

Out of luck! And you gonna need some peace! All those doubts it inflicts they gonna need release! Tell me who‘s still here at first dawn, who‘s gonna rage when the purge is on!
This World on fire, and they‘re privatizing water while those flames burn higher.
From Lover to Hater, from cure to a threat.
It’s all fucked up! you pull a gun to your head.

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