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Neo-crusty screamo act DREI AFFEN announce new release “Seguimos Ciegx”

DREI AFFEN live by Esther Cruz
DREI AFFEN live by Esther Cruz
After their self titled debut and a split 7“ with COMA REGALIA, Spanish neo crust-screamo formation DREI AFFEN return with a new release entitled “Seguimos Ciegx“, a CD release containing 6 songs, including an extended versions of “Llama Viva”. The band plays a fast forward raging mixture of end 90’s screamo and an evolved version of neo-crust, and is a must check out for lovers of the genre.

These six songs tell a story that mark a perfect sequel to the previous releases the band did. Intense and heavy riffs, that are attended by desperate high pitched vocals, get driven by a powerful and outstanding drumming. Everybody who clings on bands like Orchid, Love Lost But Not Forgotten and early Circle Takes the Square should take a note.

Moment of Collapse Records has released a CD version of the latest album “Seguimos ciegxs”. This format includes an extended version of the track “LLama Viva”. GO HERE to order.

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