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New blood: Arizona hardcore punchers POINTBREAK!

POINTBREAK by Margaret Schmitt Media,
Just a handful of debut tracks from Phoenix based POINTBREAK might seem like too little to praise, but their combination of punchy hardcore vibes in the vein of INCENDIARY, with the coolness and energy of metallized punks like POWER TRIP and MIZERY, and high energy akin to COMEBACK KID plays out more enjoyably and convincing than a lot of full releases we’ve heard this year.

After the successful Worldwide Underground self-titled video premiere this past Summer and a follow up single “Forgiver” in September, the band is working on a 4 song concept EP that they be hitting the studio in January for. The EP should be released sometime in May via Cointoss Records and today we have teamed up with the band to share the band’s commentary on the lyrical content behind their debut tracks, the healing power of their band and the harsh content behind the upcoming record.

My lyrics for these two singles, Forgiver and our S/T track, are about demons I fight within me.

Pointbreak is about fighting demons everyday/night and basically finding no point in moving on with life. About not being able to forgive myself for the mistakes I’ve made, let alone God won’t ever forgive me.

Forgiver is about basically losing faith in something I still believe in deep down; God. Speaking about how God is such a forgiving person, he is will to forgive the scums of this earth, pedophiles, murderers, etc. So its asking myself why would I wanna be in a heaven that’s full of those people who made these choices in earth.

Our 4 song concept EP titled, “Forsaken” is basically telling the story that plays in my head to which why I am the way I am. It describes my head as a “house” with different rooms. Each room in this house is a different issue I’ve lived. First room will be dealing with physical, emotional, and mental abuse from my parents. Second room is about me being molested twice as a kid. Third room is about my issues I have with women because I was abandoned by my mother at a young age and having to live on the streets. Last room is about me not being able to trust anyone in my life and pushing everyone away because of it. Yet, blame then when I push them away.


POINTBREAK by Margaret Schmitt

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