New DOMINATION single released

Westcoast Worldwide Records is proud to present the new single “All Bark, No Bite” from San Jose hardcore band DOMINATION. “All Bark, No Bite” will appear on the bands upcoming full length release entitled “Reality is Hell”. This is the first follow up to their acclaimed 2011 release “Lifetime of Suffering”.

The band is currently hard at work on “Reality” at Pittbull Farms Studio in Victorville, California with producer/engineer “Pitbull” Dan Banura (Murder Death Kill, Blood Stands Still, Donnybrook, Brawl) and the album is slated for a spring 2013 release.


All bark, no bite
Another man with no heart
Talk shit behind closed doors
Never back up what you claim
A waste of life
Picking on the innocent
a gutless coward
Your ignorance will get the best of you

Every word you spit
Is as meaningless as the last
disgrace to this world
Your end of days are near
Chock on that shit you say
You deserve no sympathy
When it’s all said and done
You’ll be laying six feet in the ground.

Scum of the earth
You’ve dug your own grave
just a spineless fake
No respect for you

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