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New England hardcore acts THE PATH / PSYCHIC WEIGHT teasing new split with hard-hitting jams!

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Two New England heavy hitters THE PATH and PSYCHIC WEIGHT have teamed up for a new split CD / LP on State Of Mind Recordings, Struggle Records (Asia, tapes,) and Ugly and Proud Records (Europe, tapes) called “Fight Death”. A little overone month since its initial teaser on No Echo, we’re stoked to unveil another 2 tracks that will give you a good idea why it’s worth a check. Both new songs are streaming below, along with special commentaries and lyrics.

Mentioned in our fresh feature for GONE WRONG, THE PATH come hard with 7 new tracks including a cover of United Worldwide by Warzone. If you still aren’t familiar with this Vermont based Hardcore band you’ve been missing out. Fast, furious and unrelenting. Thesefellas inspire circle pits and pile ons from beginning to end.

PSYCHIC WEIGHT from Massachusetts bring 5 new tracks of brutal Boston hardcore that will have you plowing through walls like the Kool-Aid Man. The band channels the anxiety and dread felt by the average American serf living in this brand new world. We are all affected by our environment; it’s only fair to try to affect our environment in turn.

The Path – The Original Party Worm:

We have formed a terrible habit of always needing to have an answer. There is a feeling of liberation when you accept the limits of your knowledge and the information you have. Breathe easy, none of us know shit and everyone is faking it.


Fucked if I know what makes that thing go, I’ve never seen anything like it before.
This is the moment that you realize that you don’t know shit.
Horrifying and humbling reduced to bumbling about shit we aren’t equipped to discuss.

Psychic Weight – Rivets

We experience the material world through our sensory organs. When you look at a flower, what you are really seeing is your mental projection of the flower. The outside world, all external stimuli, is processed through our mind. The entire world that we experience is all contained within our own mind. When we dream, we are experiencing a reality contained completely within our own mind. This can get tricky in the waking life. A thought without action can never affect the material world yet we constantly delude ourselves into believing the opposite. Thoughts and prayers are useless beyond your own self satisfaction.

PSYCHIC WEIGHT by Zana Bonn-Callahan
PSYCHIC WEIGHT by Zana Bonn-Callahan


The pearls that you’re clutching — they add up to nothing. The hands that you’re wringing, the psalms that you’re singing. The fabric is fraying while you keep on praying. Kids locked in cages can’t wait for “God’s patience”. The fucking devil is hiding in plain sight. You let him in, and you gave him life, so I don’t want to hear it; the thoughts deep inside your head. I fear it; the cognitive dissonance. You know it, deep down it don’t make much sense. You’ll feel it when the pendulum rests. I refuse to be dragged down by fearful fools.

Two other tracks, THE PATH’s Washington is Burning and PSYCHIC WEIGHT’s Caveman are also available for streaming!

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