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New Hampshire alt rockers GLUE HORSE employ plenty of ideas and shades into their debut EP “Self-Inflicted”

GLUE HORSE is a three piece band from New Hampshire that writes music to remind us that sometimes we’re simply destined to become nothing. Their grungy, heavy rock and alt post hardcore infused debut offering called “Self-Inflicted” marries gloomy atmopsheres with noise rock fueled vigor and marks the culmination of a lot of work and discussions on how often the things affecting us, whether personally or on a larger scale, are Self-Inflicted. “Beyond that we intend the EP to speak for itself. Energetic in the approach, bleak in the message: for best results, listen loudly.” – adds the band.

SelfInflicted EP is out digitally and on cassette by Midnight Werewolf Records on August 28th.

Glue Horse is: Ethan Fortin – Bass/Vocals, James McHenry – Drums, Max Arbuckle – Guitar/Vocals

Tracked & Mixed by Jeremy Cunningham / Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios / Album art by Andy Stoltz / Photos shot on film by Hannah Matsubara @hannahmatsu

New Hampshire alt rock scene

Asked about their local underground music environment, the band commented: “The local music scene on the NH Seacoast and surrounding areas has always been very strong in that a lot of really amazing and innovative bands are always being formed and playing out around New England and beyond. A lot of bands we really respect have come from this area, including Rick Rude, Greed Island, Model/Actriz, Big Mess, Sneeze, Pile, and more. That said, despite such an incredible roster of artists here the area has not been immune to the woes of COVID-19 and venues are shutting their doors every day. It’s a really sad thing that has been affecting venues of all sizes around the country and while we don’t know the solution we really hope the venues still around are able to stick around as live music and arts are extremely important and deserve all of our time, money, and energy.

The future for the scene is uncertain but we know that the artistic integrity here will always remain very high and this will continue to be an area that pushes artistic boundaries each day.”


Other bands worth a check – GLUE HORSE’s selection:

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Kal Marks


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10 songs that inspired  writing the guitar and vocal parts for the Self-Inflicted EP, by Max from Glue Horse

Young Widows – Godman
We Are Scientists – Tonight
Failure – Undone
Vince Staples – Smile
Tyler, The Creator – 911 / Mr. Lonely
Boris – Angel
The Voidz – Human Sadness
Old Man Gloom – Zozobra
Gorillaz – Every Planet We Reach is Dead
Thom Yorke – Dawn Chorus
New Hampshire alt rockers GLUE HORSE employ plenty of ideas and shades into their debut EP “Self-Inflicted”
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