New KERMIT album available tomorrow!

Instrumental jazz / post rock act KERMIT unveil their new album called “Litoral”. The new outing will be made available on vinyl, CD and as a digital download tomorrow, on April 7th, but now you can watch the band’s new album’s video single titled “Magnitizdat“. The clip is extracted from a live DVD containing a full-album live performance at their hometown that is also to be released shortly.

Litoral will be released on April 7th in a limited vinyl and CD edition by Itaca Records, and will be officially presented with a live performance on April 26th in Malaga’s Edgar Neville Hall.

Album title and concept are a tribute to Litoral, a poetry, art and thought magazine published in Málaga since 1926 and known to gather the most outstanding names in the so-called 1927 Generation, such as Lorca, Dalí, Juan Ramón Jiménez, Manuel de Falla, Cernuda, Alberti, Aleixandre, and other 1930s names such as Picasso, Pablo Neruda, Octavio Paz, etc. Album design and illustration was completed by Lorenzo Saval, who has been the director and graphic designer for Litoral since 1975. This is a true honour and a privilege for both Kermit and Itaca Records.

As Kermit themselves point out: “We also associate the title to the concept of having reached our own coastline, of having sighted land (in the sense of having caught hold of our style and sound) after the trip concept developed in the artwork and sound explorations of our debut album, AutoficciónLitoral is a conceptual album that takes you through a non-stop 43-minute trip. We’d like to think this album is an additional issue of the Litoral magazine, yet a sound one.”

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