Jaguero by Giuliana Gagliano
Jaguero by Giuliana Gagliano
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“New Love”: a glimpse into the newest EP from Italian emotive rockers JAGUERO

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In a world where the clamor of routine drowns the whispers of the heart, music often emerges as a refuge for the wandering souls. And it’s within this sanctuary that the Italy-based emotive punk rock ensemble, Jaguero, carves its niche.

As September 29 marks the unveiling of their latest EP on Epidemic Records, “New Love,” the anticipation among the aficionados simmers. The day doesn’t just bring a fresh bouquet of melodies but serves as a gateway into the collective reminiscence and shared human experiences that the tunes harbor.

Jaguero’s musical voyage isn’t about venturing into the unknown, but a dive into the familiar waters of everyday human existence. It’s about navigating through the thickets of mundane routine, the echoes of past relationships, and the sweet torment of growing older yet wiser.

The “New Love” EP comes as a melodious companion in this journey, each track cradling a fragment of life’s vast emotional spectrum.

For fans of: Fiddlehead, Title Fight, grungy post hardcore vibes and emotive 90s infused hardcore.

With “New Love,” Jaguero doesn’t promise an escape from life’s relentless whirlpool, but it offers a melodious companion for the ride.

Each track is not just a melody but a reflection of life’s simple, relatable narratives that often get lost in the cacophony of the modern world.

It’s a humble, yet poignant reminder of the shared human experiences that bind us all, regardless of the diverse paths we tread.

And as the EP makes its way across the Atlantic, thanks to Epidemic Records’ endeavor to promote it in the USA and Europe, the universal narrative of Jaguero’s tunes is bound to find resonance in many a heart, reassuring that in life’s continuous ebb and flow, the essence of shared human experience remains unaltered.

The band opened up a window into their creative process, providing a track by track commentary that sheds light on the nuanced emotions and experiences encapsulated within each melody of the “New Love” EP.

Jaguero by Arianna Carotta
Jaguero by Arianna Carotta

“The New Love EP is another a small collection of songs that talk about the narrative of life’s ups and downs. Each track resonates with our own experiences, offering a glimpse into the average human being. Thanks to Epidemic Records, the New Love EP will be promoted in the USA and Europe, carrying a single and simple message: while life swells and recedes, we’ll constantly improving and becoming our better selves.” – comments the band.

1. “You”

The EP kicks off with “You”, setting one of the multiple tones of the New Love EP. It’s representing a casual encounter with someone from our past that’s triggering both good and bad memories. This makes us realise how much we grow and how little some past emotions were. Sometimes it can be difficult and sometimes not, but moving forward is mandatory to become the best version of ourselves.

2. “New Love”

This song conveys a strong message about the experience of overcoming a toxic relationship and leaving behind hurtful behaviors. New Love was chosen to be the first single and the title track of the EP due to its different impact on each one of us. The lyrics could represent anybody, but we aim to display the idea of not waiting for someone who won’t change or treat you better. It’s a reflection on the journey of healing and self-empowerment after a difficult breakup.

Jaguero by Franco Campesato
Jaguero by Franco Campesato

3. “All I Think About”

As the EP progresses, we find ourselves at “All I Think About”. This track is a reminder that our history is etched in our hearts: lines like “All I think about is how to grow up” and “These things don’t matter” show the inner conflict between the responsibilities of adulthood and the longing for the simplicity of youth. This is the bittersweet realisation that growing up means letting go of some aspects of our past while embracing the challenges and uncertainties of adulthood.

4. “Dance, Dance, Dance”

This track speaks to the bond between friends, in particular those who may not fit the conventional definition of “cool”. Friendship is a source of unwavering support and companionship, and it will withstand the test of time. With “Dance, Dance, Dance” we celebrate the loyalty that can exist between two childhood friends that may seem just nerds to the outside world. “You’ll never be alone” conveys the idea that this friendship is one of the purest source of affection.

Jaguero by Franco Campesato
Jaguero by Franco Campesato

5. “Pressure”

At the very end of the EP we find “Pressure”. It’s dealing with daily struggles that can sometimes overwhelm us, with a sense of reassuranc.. This is a message of self-care, emphasising the importance of staying true to oneself and finding support in the loved ones. During the recording session, we wanted to share all of this with our friend Andrea Vasumini from Riviera, who put his vocals in the final section of the song. While life can be challenging, we can always reach the surface with the support of those who care about us.

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