NIGHTBLOOMER by Julian Guedj
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NIGHTBLOOMER: ex-ANCHOR songwriters emerge in a new indie band; premiere debut EP

NIGHTBLOOMER by Julian Guedj
NIGHTBLOOMER was formed during a dark November weekend of 2013, while Mattias Rasmusson and Ulf Hammarkärr were still in an influential Swedish hardcore band ANCHOR. A few years later, after releasing records and touring the world for the better part of a decade, ANCHOR fell apart. However, the creative duo that is Ulf and Mattias remains. In 2018, over 4 years since our first mention of the band, the timing is now better than ever to be writing music together under the name NIGHTBLOOMER. Ulf and Mattias were raised on indie rock playing on the radio, and in NIGHTBLOOMER they manifest their love for independent music with pop sensibility and unmistakable punk ethos. Today, we’re pleased to give you a full stream of the band’s debut EP “Ruinous”, a perfectly natural and positively infectious offering that reinvigorates our love for smooth, hearty rock tunes that will stick with you weeks after your first listen.

Mattias Rasmusson shared his thoughts on the project and its lyrical themes by stating:

I guess it’s fair to say both of us have been a part of quite a few bands and records throughout the years. This however is something truly special and I can honestly say it’s best collection of music I’ve been a part of writing and recording. I guess the timing really couldn’t have been better too and I mean it when I say it, these songs have helped save my life.

If there’s a lyrical theme going through the songs it’s humanity’s arrogance and appetite for destruction. At least three of the songs deal with that, one way or another. “Invisible”, which was chosen as the single, is a little different in that respect, as it deals with a bit more of a personal trauma. The last couple of years leading up to the recording had been pretty rough to be honest, in a couple of ways and so getting this opportunity really meant a great deal.

Embed for Ruinous

Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Gustav Brunn at GG All In Audio @ Gula Studion in Malmö, Sweden (The Cardigans, Franz Ferdinand, etc.)

Ulf Hammarkärr further elaborated:

Me and Mattias have been writing, recording and playing music together in various bands and projects for years. When doing so the way we have, not only have we learnt a lot about writing, recording and playing music – but also about each other, ourselves and the dynamics and dramas that come with trying to drive a creative process forward. While we’ve seen the world and at times definitely felt like we were on top of it, we also know what it’s like to hit rock bottom. As you can imagine, such trials and triumphs forge bonds.

When we no longer were in the same band together, that bond was certainly tested. Not only did we not make music together anymore – to be honest we barely spoke for about a year. Not his fault or mine, it just happened that way. And as anyone who’s lost touch with a close friend will know – just simply reaching out can be the hardest thing in the world. However, after getting back in touch it didn’t take long before we started talking about playing music together. After all, that’s what we’ve always done. Up until then, Nightbloomer had been a short lived one-off studio project, but returning to that idea and sound made sense to us. So, in early 2017 we were back in a rehearsal space together again with guitars, drums and ideas, not knowing if we could make it work or if we’d come up with anything good. We now feel like we did. These are the most honest and direct bunch of songs we’ve ever written and we are happy and proud to share them with you now.

NIGHTBLOMER by Olle Enqvist

NIGHTBLOMER by Olle Enqvist

Track-by-track commentary:

Hope don’t live here

When Ulf sent me the opening riff to Hope don’t live here I knew we were on to something exciting. For me it really set the tone for the entire ep, both musically and lyrically, even though half of it was written before this song. Lyrically it happened very organically and fast. I guess songs like this come easy for a punk like yours truly. After all I’ve spent my entire musical life saying everything’s fucked and hopeless.

Silent prayer

The first song Ulf presented. A couple of years had passed since we last played music together and all of a sudden we were in the middle of chords and rhythms again. I believe I first called it the Cardigans song since it reminding me of Feathers and down. It turned into the song it is in less than half an hour. Vocal melodies and lyrics were written in Ulf’s kitchen in Malmö, early morning the day vocals were recorded. I finished my breakfast, closed my notebook and walked across town to the studio.


Made out of bits and pieces from an old song we wrote that never felt quite right. This one however, hit home immediately. Maybe a matter of time and place, who knows. I also think we weren’t quite sure how it would fit in with the rest of the songs. Luckily it worked out great. I love the 90’s soundtrack vibe of it and I love the dynamics it adds to the ep as a whole. Makes me look forward to writing and recording more, soon. Maybe that’s why we chose it as the title track.


My least favorite at first, but thanks to Ulf and Gustav it grew on me and it turned out to be the single. The poppiest, yet most personal song of the four, dealing with the passing of my father and all of the things that came to life in the wake of it. Most of its’ lyrics were written around the time Battery’s My last breath came out. A song that moved and inspired me very very much.

“Invisible” video by Olle Enqvist:

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NIGHTBLOOMER: ex-ANCHOR songwriters emerge in a new indie band; premiere debut EP
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