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NITRO INJEKZIA – “No Borders” video

The track opens the band’s new album “D. F. M. B.”, available for streaming below.



No Borders

Put on your gloves, put on your mask,
Get on the street, everyones restless.
Don’t need no money, don’t need no friends,
Don’t need no patience, we’re all the same in the end.

No Borders

Каждой тваре, да по медале,
На всех отыщится свинца и стали!
И никому не будет тесно,
Для всех найдётся место!

No borders

For we are one, a single breed,
A single planet, no reason to carry on the creed
That we’re divided that we stand alone
What a life, to have lived and to never have known

No Borders

russian part in english by Cob Crawler / David Walton:

A medal for everything of flesh and bone,
There will be enough lead and steel for everyone!
Nobody will ever feel cramped,
There’ll be enough space for everyone!

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