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NJ hardcore act SILENCE EQUALS DEATH release blistering new EP “Revolution Rising”

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With a lot going on in my personal life these days, it has been a little while since I have been able to write music reviews. But after I got a chance to listen to the new EP from New Jersey hardcore band, SILENCE EQUALS DEATH, I realized that maybe that had to change. Hailing from my old stomping grounds of North Jersey, SED have been making noise since 2011, have multiple releases and have become a mainstay in the NY/NJ scene.

I was quickly drawn in by the opening song, SWITCH. A slow-paced but heavy as hell track with a thunderous bass rumble, was a great way to start the EP. I also have to say that singer Scott Earth’s vocals have never sounded better as well. “What goes around, comes around” we are reminded with a heavy chug session at the end.

Once that is over, they come right back with another heavy hitter, the title track, REVOLUTION RISING. A heavy riff and a stomping bass drum start off this song that reflects the state of our modern times and the struggles we face as a society. Some tight guitar work is prevalent on this track as well. This song is a total banger.

The trend continues with the circle pit style of NO MORE ASHES, which contains a sick breakdown at the end as well. Next up is an absolute banger of a song called PLAGUE. The build up at the beginning let’s you know that a circle pit fury is coming your way. The way this band tears into this song with a fury when Scott reminds us of God’s hatred for mankind by unleashing the deadly COVID-19 virus upon mankind. The heaviness of this song is simply unreal and the Kerry King style guitar solo on this song also solidifies this as my favorite song of this record.


More sick guitar riffs come out of Freddy and Wade’s guitars on the next song, TRAITOR, which calls for some “Civil Disobedience” and has another awesome breakdown at the end. Drummer Ryan and bassist Shawn really get to show off their skills on the final track, PASS THE TORCH. Reminiscent of Comeback Kid, I thought this song was a good way to close out the record. With tons of melody, but with all the grit of the previous tracks, I thought this song was a great display of the band’s musical abilities and core values as well.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this EP and feel this band has evolved into a tight-knit mainstay of the NJ Hardcore scene. Singer Scott Earth was also cool enough to provide us with some background of the new songs with this Track By Track breakdown of the new EP.


For fans of the 1993 movie Falling Down this song deals with the daily struggle to “keep it together” in the face of our daily trials. Most times we make it through the day without incident, but every once in a while, we snap and flip the “switch”.


As a country and world always on the brink, we ask the question “yeah but what’s the price”? Revolution is necessary but never without consequence


This song is basically a personal outcry of being a good person in life and being shit on for it.


Although we are a band who touts freedom of choice and more importantly freedom of speech, we must acknowledge the ills of organized religion and the stranglehold it has on many of its followers.


Simply put, it is a song about Trump.


A song of unity between the old and new guard of hardcore. Many old dogs want to shun the young bands and take more about the old days rather than the meaning. We feel unity is the key if your heart is in the right place.

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