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NJ hardcore heavy hitters KIRKBY KISS discuss recent 7” Ouroboros

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It’s been a couple months since we reported on our friends from New Jersey, so it’s my great pleasure to give you some fresh insights from KIRKBY KISS, a powerful hardcore band, who sat down with us for a quick track by track rundown and their special explanation of the lyrics for the whole 7″. “Ouroboros” was released back in May, but it’s still fully deserving of your attention.

Kirkby Kiss is a socially conscious hardcore punk band from the Jersey Shore formed in 2020, driven by dissonant guitars and full-throated vocals. The band combines sub-genres of street punk, hardcore, Oi, post-hardcore and screamo with a lot of build and suspense.

Ouroboros was released digitally on May 6, 2022 with a small run (100) of CDs on Council Records. The vinyl dropped on September 2, 2022 and is available here.

Guitarist Michael Shepherd commented: “We wanted to do something special for the 7-inch, a nod to all the unique record packaging I loved in the late 90’s from labels like Gravity, Repercussion, Vermiform & our label, Council Records, so I designed, printed, cut & assembled the covers by hand.”

“They’re made with a transparency film that has the name printed on it so the red or white vinyl and ouroboros on the center label is visible as part of the cover design. When the record is pulled out the lyrics are revealed and Natale wrote them himself. We really wanted it to have a personal, crafted feel to it.”

KK Ouroborus Reveal

Singer Natale Amato had this to say about writing the lyrics for the Ouroboros EP:

“The lyrics on this record are the most personal I’ve ever written. I was facing some tumultuous times in my relationships with the people who mean the most to me, and I had to reflect on my actions and take accountability and responsibility for my shortcomings.”

KIRKBY KISS by Marc Mcshane
KIRKBY KISS by Marc Mcshane

“Searching deep inside to find what means the most to me in life, what kind of person I want to be, remembering what life was like dealing with addiction, communication breakdowns, and acceptance of my poorest choices are some of the feelings and thoughts covered on this record.” – he continued.

KIRKBY KISS by Amanda Barron!
KIRKBY KISS by Amanda Barron!

“Writing this EP as a whole, both musically and lyrically, with the support of my band mates and loved ones, was by far the most cathartic creative process and meaningful experience I’ve had with music thus far. I feel so grateful to have the people that are in my life around me and to share with them and others who can identify with the songs on this record.”

KIRKBY KISS also released a video for “Running” to mark the vinyl release:

Guitarist Michael Shepherd: “We made the video for Running to kick off the vinyl drop. The song is about running the streets and the state of mind that comes with being in the throws of addiction.”

He continues: “The Running of the Bulls reflects the way in which people put themselves in danger for a thrill that is destructive for everyone involved. That being said, I’ve always hated The Running the Bulls because of how cruel and senseless it is, so it’s definitely edited to show that we side with the bulls.”

The band has one more song from the Ouroboros recording session that will be on a 7″ comp with Wrong War, Hundreds of AU & Grey C.E.L.L on Council Records in 2023.

“We’re recording a new song at the end of September that we’d like to do something cool with and we’re continuing to write new songs and play out as much as we can.” – concludes the band.

KIRKBY KISS by Marc Mcshane
KIRKBY KISS by Marc Mcshane
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