Kirkby Kiss by Jeff Crespi,, @jeffcrespirocks
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NJHC band KIRKBY KISS are back with new raging EP “Listen Closely”; share track by track rundown

Kirkby Kiss by Jeff Crespi,, @jeffcrespirocks
Just a couple of months after the release of their high energy debut “Bleeder”, New Jersey hardcore punks KIRKBY KISS return with a brand new 4-tracker “Listen Closely”. Released in mid-Summer this year, the new EP comes as a quality follow up to their debut, proving the band to be able to deliver vicious, yet forward thinking blends of styles, all fitting their straight up punk spine perfectly. Today, we’re giving it a nod with a special track by track breakdown below!

Kirkby Kiss (pronounced Kirby Kiss, silent K) formed at the Jersey Shore, USA in November of 2020 during COVID.

“The band name was suggested by our bass player Roxy, who is from the UK, where it’s a slang term for a headbutt.” – says  the band’s guitarist Michael Shepherd, also responsible for KIRKBY KISS’ artwork and videos.

Here’s an older video for a song off the first EP, Bleeder:

“One night a week for 5 months during the pandemic, the band became our social life, our therapy and our outlet, creatively and mentally.” – he continues. “We’ve become a real family. We wrote songs for about 4 months and then recorded and mixed 7 tracks with the Chris Pierce at his studio Volume IV in New Brunswick, NJ over a weekend. Max Caselnova mastered the tracks and we released our first 3 song EP titled Bleeder, DIY on Sunday, April 25, 2021 one week after our first show.”

The new EP titled Listen Closely is the remainder of that first recording session and was released DIY on Friday, July 23, 2021. It’s streaming on all platforms. Digital downloads and a limited edition run of 100 CDs are available at this location.

“We have a limited run of 80 cassette tapes coming out in a couple months the combines the 2 EPs on Sex And Glue Zine/Label”  says Mike.

“Brian also does distro, a great paper zine and a podcast so please check all that out! We also just sent everything out for a 12” record with new music coming out on Council Records in early 2022, so keep an eye out and check out all the other great music, old and new they have available!”

Kirkby Kiss are: Rose Ann Murray – Bass, Natale Amato – Vocals, Frank Burdynski – Drums, Mike Ramirez – Guitar, Michael Shepherd – Guitar

KIRKBY KISS by Amanda Barron @PollyBrrn

KIRKBY KISS by Amanda Barron @PollyBrrn

All the lyric commentary by singer Natale Amato:


Shepwrecked (not a typo), is an expression about what drew me into the hardcore/punk scene/family as a kid and the unnerving similarities that I see within the community more recently as well. That is not to say I feel that way about the community as a whole but more of a microcosm, especially in the online community.

Where do you go when the place you once called home feels like the place you always ran from
fuck no love here not anymore

where do you go if you have no home and you feel like letting go

despise i despise you
these cries they remind me
of a time i felt i was alone

these surrounding walls those surrounding bodies

no love no love no love here

Human Resources

In the wake of the murder of George Floyd and countless other killings of minorities by police officers, I was inspired by the BLM movement and other organizations to rise and stand together to make a change. Human Resources is about having a cause and coming together to break down the systems that continue to be unjust and oppress the people.

can you feel it
you feel like you’ll take on the world
a feeling like never before
you see the injustice and you
you see that you’re not alone
you’re not alone
never ever alone
you’re not alone
now take it
take it and run
share it and multiply it
fan it and watch it burn
you see that you’re not alone
you’re not alone
never ever alone
you’re not alone

you’ve felt their pain inside
you’ve known the loneliness that they hide
but you won’t believe the lies
this time never give up

watch it burn
watch it fucking burn

never let up

Body Right

Body Right is about my frustrations and outrage with people’s opposition to women’s rights, lgbtq+ rights, and racial equality. The fact that these basic human rights are still being debated socially and politically is absolutely absurd to me and I wanted to draw a clear line on where I/we stand.

they’ve got our rights on the run
and they won’t stop until it’s done
til everyone of us conform to what they believe is right for everyone

so you expect me to just lie down and make it easy for you
well fuck that I’m standing my ground for me and what i believe
that a woman should have the right to choose what she does with her body
it really is not up-to you what she does with her body
that a person’s gender is none of your concern
a person’s sexual preference is none of your concern
everyone of every race and gender deserves kindness, love, respect, and opportunity

You’re Not So Welcome

You’re Not So Welcome is a statement that misogyny, sexism, objectification and/or sexualization are not acceptable ideologies and will not be tolerated.

so you think you’ve got the right to take what you want
i heard you think it’s cool to boast about it
like no one’s gonna say anything
i guess you’d say they had it coming

we’re not going to stand for it
get the fuck out of our home

dehumanizing objectifying
exploiting them and sexualizing
we won’t tolerate or accept it
if we see it you better run quick

we’re not going to stand for it
get the fuck out of our
we’re not going to stand for it
get the fuck out of our home

no more misogyny
no more sexism
no more objectifying
no more sexualizing

Catch the band live on September 24 alongside The Last Stand, Become One, Silence Equals Death, Meteor Police and 19DRT, and at a special show presented by Sex & Glue Zine in October:

Kirkby Kiss live show

Sex And Glue Zine show October 2021

NJHC band KIRKBY KISS are back with new raging EP “Listen Closely”; share track by track rundown
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