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Noise rock act TUNIC share new album Quitter, a concept LP exploring various manifestations of “quitting”

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Engineered and mixed by Jace Lasek (Godspeed You! Black Emperor) at Private Ear Studios in Winnipeg, Canada, and mastered by Carl Saff (Bambara, Human Impact), Quitter is a concept album whose songs explore various manifestations of “quitting” – frontman David Schellenberg’s lyrics confront loss, abandonment, sobriety, and the process of tearing down one’s life in order to rebuild. Bridging the gap between harsh and heartfelt, Tunic’s sound unites caustic noise-rock pummeling and earnest post-hardcore confessions, as if Big Black and Drive Like Jehu were reincarnated as one trio from Winnipeg.

Invisible Oranges‘ write-up states: “Tunic make quick work reminding listeners of the shoulders they stand on: Fugazi, Jesus Lizard, Big Black, et cetera. They deftly maneuver into a signature but familiar sound, with Ellis’ overdriven bass and Schellenberg’s go-for-broke punk playing style matched to Unger’s impassioned drumming. Like the best of their contemporaries in KEN Mode, Whores., and Bummer, everything sounds like it’s teetering on the edge of collapse… As listeners, we trust that what is ostensibly disjointed anarchy will come together and, well, slap. And if ‘Quitter’ does anything, it slaps.”

A recent review from Flood Magazine describes it as “no-frills, in-your-face noise-punk that could probably be classified as screamo if David Schellenberg’s vocals were just a little higher-pitched. It’s a winning formula that’s kept Converge in business for a few decades now.”

Decibel Magazine summed up the new album in three words: “chaotic, clanging, recommended.”

Prior to 2020, Tunic prided itself on playing a minimum of 100 shows per year. This attitude led to shows across North America with the likes of Metz, New Primals and Winnipeg brethren KEN mode. “This music is meant to be played live and experienced live. I love to tour and there is nothing else I’d rather do,” says Schellenberg. Stay tuned for news of the next live appearances.

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