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Slamming heavy hardcore band WRONG MOVE premiere new EP “Death made Swift”!

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Albany NY metallic hardcore group WRONG MOVE are joining us today to give you a special early stream of Death Made Swift, their new EP, which is dut on October 15th and will mark the band’s first release in partnership with Unbeaten Records! Heavily inspired by legends like Stigmata, All Out War and Hatebreed, this joint right here takes its place among the upper ranks of NY heavy hardcore of recent times.

The heavy 5-trackers brings in a great mixture of brutal, fight-riff-filled tracks that showcase their unique take on punk-tinged metallic hardcore. The vocals are anguished but powerful and brimming with anger, while the instrumental propels the song forward at a breakneck speed punctuated by heavy breakdowns and mosh parts.

Wrong Move is Jesse Agustin (guitar), Ryan Stevens (drums), Mike Chamberlain (bass) and Vincent Jaeger (vocals).

Wrong Move track by track commentary:


This started out as just a hard riff that we wanted to use. We couldn’t find a spot for it on anything we were working on, and we didn’t want it to sound forced. Then the Nashville bombing happened. I remember when it happened, I kinda shrugged it off, it was just another shitty thing to happen, which was becoming the norm. Then my friend Lindsay played me “the creepy message” the guy played before he set the bomb off. I knew we had to use it before someone else did.


This song is about day dreaming about ending all life on earth, and that if life were to end, we probably deserve it.


KITDOS stands for kindness is the death of strength. The song is about taking all the hardship/ suffering you deal with in life and using it to make yourself stronger. It’s about going from a victim mindset to a warrior mindset. I feel like everyone goes through struggles, everyone has fucked up stuff happen to them. In the hardcore scene we are all a little fucked up, that’s why we all found each other. It’s important to remember you can piss and moan and feel bad for yourself when something shifty happens or you can refuse to let it bring you down.

Wrong MOVE

False Front:

One of the first things I learned from the hardcore scene is a code. A code of friendship, this bond in which it’s you and your friends against the entire world. Sometimes people break those bonds. When that happens, sometimes there has to be consequences.

Slow Death:

When initially writing the lyrics for this song, it was originally meant to be a anti racism song. But after reading them over I realized that there are many different ways someone can relate to those lyrics. No matter what you do in life people will try to look down on you or stick their nose up to you, fuck them. People will do shitty things, and when they do I hope that you or someone else will respond accordingly.

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