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Noisy avant garde duo GIANT GUTTER FROM OUTER SPACE streaming new songs

GIANT GUTTER FROM OUTER SPACE stated they wanted to conduct some tricky sonic experiments and they’ve easily succeed before. We have discussed their approach to making compicated art in our interview for IDIOTEQ, but now they’re back with even more engaging and demanding jams. “The Edge Within” would satisfy both jazz enthusiasts, mathcore lovers and prohgressive metallers and offers more quality work from a band who continue to push their influences and have huge amount of energy left in their tank. Great stuff. Play it loud and dive deep into their natural, well-structured trance experience.

Here’s the official word from the band:

the edge within is our forth piece in 2016. approximately 13 minute long, the ep brings two instrumental songs which have just been digitally released by sinewave net label, terranean recordings and splitting sounds records. the recordings and mixing took place in a single session during the early hours of april 16th in brasília, brazil, at prime studio, fired up by a brief central-western brazilian tour. the two songs were mastered by our finnish mate luke lund, from solace, who was also responsible for the alternative cover art released by terranean recordings. our longstanding friend, photographer, and designer cesinha marin was in charge for the main cover art.
check out our new release, and if appropriate, we would really appreciate if you could help us out spreading our work.

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